Pyle Mini LED Gaming Projector

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Pyle Mini LED Gaming Projector
Price: $37.99
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Product Page/Manuals

Two and a half stars with 27 ratings on Amazon. I don’t think so.

Native Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixels. What is this, the 1980s?

Full HD 1080p Support - Compact, Portable & Light Weight; Content will display at 320 x 240 Pixel Native Resolution

What the bleep?!?! so it ‘supports’ 1080p by cranking it down to 320x240!?!

April 1st was last Friday. I guess you want to emulate watching a VHS tape (240i) on a SD television (480i).

Now, if Woot wants to pay me $40 each to take one of these projectors, I’ll take 3. I can use the $120.

I got one last time they were up here. Figured at this price, the worst would be I’d be out $40. Well, Im out $40. The resolution is crap. Cant make faces out, you can see blocks all in the picture (presumably pixel blocks)
If you just doing txt based power point, it may work well enough for you though its going to be a bit fuzzy. Movies/Video/Games? Unless you’re playing Galaga or Donkey Kong, you’ll be very unhappy. The focus adjustment is not very good. Its very sticky and is very hard to fine adjust.

That resolution is just fine.

As long as by “gaming” you mean “classic gaming”.

Great for playing minecraft… well you may have issues figuring out which block is the games and which block is the High Res kicking in. We will call it a challenge…

Well at least its adequate for todays console games. Many of which are struggling to reach 720p as it is.

Cheapo projectors have gotten so improved that something that accepts SD card, USB sticks, etc. with higher res can be had for $20-$30 more. For $99 you get something “so much better” (sorry Donald).

Anyone else think it’s strange that Woot has a computer under the woot! category and has this Pyle (of junk) under the computer! category. Seems like this would be under the electronics! category and the Pebble watch under this category as it is more of a computer than this thing is.

Things that make you go hmmm.

I predict that by the end of the day Woot will take down the Projector and replace it with Lenovo 11" Yoga at $269

Has anyone actually used this with retro video games?

I have tons of old consoles. NES, SNES, Genesis/CD/32x, TG-16/PC-E, etc, and would love to be able to throw the 240p output onto a wall for the kiddos to play (as well as myself)

I wonder if i could split c-snyc into h/v and pump RGB into the VGA connector…

eh, maybe next time when it drops more in price…

I bought this last time it was offered. I was sucked in by the the terms “gaming” and “HD” without reading the fine print about output resolution. DO NOT BUY IT! Even if it is offered for $0.99 because it is not worth the $5 shipping charge. Woot needs to airdrop these back over China. Earlier posts are accurate about poor quality and difficulty of focus.

I purchased a similar 1000 Lumen 800x480 for $80, great deal and projector except for audio which is easily fixed with rechargeable speakers. This one at 320x240 and 400 lumen is not a great deal, unless you are exclusively watching VHS tapes on it. Mine is still $80 on the mothership, part is PDW003B. It smells like paint, but great for outdoors.

Like hell it is. board games would be unusable on this POS.

In a thread about ridiculously unreasonable statements on resolution, you managed to win. Congratulations. You have added nothing to the conversation aside from waving your overclocked genitalia at a group of people who could not possibly care any less.

Don’t. Just… don’t.