Pyle Mini LED Gaming Projector

The fact this is even being offered for sale has lowered my opinion of woot. :frowning:

I didn’t notice the display resolution in the details when I bought one. Absolutely horrendous. If you take text and blow a single word up to the size of your whole screen, you might be able to read it. I’ll end up using this for halloween stuff and projecting shades of red into fog or something, and I think it’ll work well for that. If you want to use it to display something on a screen, look for a different projector.

Actually… I just built a RetroPie into a smallish cabinet with arcade buttons but no screen.

If the USB port is powered enough, I could plug the Pi power into that, and have it project the game onto any nearby surface…


I bought one of these. Absolute piece of junk. I don’t need to argue about the resolution or the brightness…It’s crap, so if you like buying crap then by all means go for it…

If it were 480 maybe, but not 240. Yuck.

Wow, what a bunch of whiny little b****es! Anyone consider that they might not be the target demographic for this $40 projector?!? I mean really, are you all so pathetic that you’d even try to use this for yourselves?

Seriously, pick one up to hand off to your kids to play GameCube or watch Bugs Life under a blanket fort against the wall. These are great for sleepovers too.


At that resolution, I’m wondering how well this will work with something like a Commodore 64, Atari XE, or TI-99/4A. $40 is $40, but as a gamble I could possibly resell it if it doesn’t work out for me.

DO NOT BUY THIS. Woot should be ashamed for listing this. I bought one, unboxed it, tried it, then threw it out I was so disgusted by the poor quality. The only thing this horrible product may be suitable for is 1970’s pong.

This product is very poor quality and once you order it, you can’t cancel the order. returning the product will probably cost more than you paid for it.

“Gaming”? As in “Pong”?

They’re gaming YOU if you buy one of these.

I tried this off of Amazon back in September. Worst piece of crap and waste of time. “Full HD 1080p” support is laughable. Suffice to say, returned the very same day.

Got mine just yesterday. It’s not very bright and works best in a dark room, gets surprisingly hot, focus is a little difficult to get just perfect, and the fan is ridiculously loud. However, it’s great for those hand-held arcade games from Jakks Pacific, @Games, or the Atari Flashbacks, your favorite 80s/90s console like the NES* or Genesis, or even classic computer systems like Commodore, Atari, or Texas Instruments. The sound is clear with a few different preset EQ modes. Video zoom is iffy with only one mode which works well for me (Zoom1,) but this mode is crispy and clear. Horizontal and vertical flip are single-button functions so you can mount anywhere (there is what looks like a tripod-type mounting hole on the bottom.)

Get it lined up properly (geometry can be difficult as there is no setting) and projecting onto a vaulted ceiling gives very satisfying results. It’s also very reactive - I was able to play “Mortal Kombat” with no motion tearing or lag.

I haven’t been able to get any of my USB video to work, yet, but I’m certain I just don’t have the right files. It can read NTFS, FAT, and FAT32-formatted sticks. It is supposed to support a wide variety of formats, such as mkv, mp4, and flv. Otherwise, if you have a stick full of photos you could have a good old-fashioned vacation slide-show to really annoy your friends and relatives!

At 320x240 I do not expect miracles, so I am not in a hurry to hook up HDMI or SVGA.

But I mean, really, it’s a $40 projector and it’s pretty good for what it is. It has really whet my whistle for a proper projector when the time comes to replace my TV.

  • I have not yet tried “Duck Hunt” or any Sega Manacer games, yet.

Works great for me in Zoom1 mode with the NES, Sega Genesis, and the hand-held arcade joysticks. Its two big down-falls to me are that it gets pretty hot and is not very bright.

For the experience, it was worth the $40 to me. Now I’m really ready to move up to a “big boy” projector for home stuff, but I definitely have use for this one.