Pyle Mini LED Gaming Projector

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Pyle Mini LED Gaming Projector
Price: $37.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, May 16 to Thursday, May 19) + transit
Condition: New


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More 1-star ratings than 5-star… never a good sign.

I check Woot every night at midnight before I go to bed. The fact that they posted this piece of junk for the 3rd (4th) time means that ritual is over…even if I had no intention of buying this.

This child’s toy is back again?

Use instead of coal at Christmas for that special child…

If you’re still checking at midnight this long after Woot! jumped the shark, you’ll be back…

Product Page with Manuals

This projector “Supports” 1080p, But it only displays in 320 x 240

This item is a complete pyle of shit.

You guys are mean… Beat me to the punch.

Indeed! But, it is available at a pile-o-shit price though.

Just sayin’ . . .

Every Time woot puts this up for sale I lose a little respect for them.

The overstatement of the year:

Works with Audio, Video and Image Files - Perfect for All Your Home Theater Needs

The price point is tempting. Maybe the kids could project cell phone games with the thing, but at 320x240 even ancient 8-bit games wouldn’t look right.

Wow, I was about to jump on this. Thanks for saving me $40!

I bought this a few times back, plugged it in, kissed my $40 goodbye, and stuck it in a closet.

I was curious as the difference between a “projector” and a “gaming projector” (like if you tried to project a spreadsheet, would it automatically add explosion clouds?), but apparently the difference is that a “gaming projector” doesn’t work.

A fair price point on this item: $1, with free shipping, and a $50 Amazon gift certificate for your hassles in taking this out of their warehouse and to the dumpster. Woot needs to pack a cargo plane with their remaining inventory and drop them on the Chinese factory that made them. I will carry shame the rest of my life for purchasing this.

I am thinking of getting this. I want to do a little joke at work displaying something like a bat signal on the wall. Does anyone who actually owns this peace of junk know if it will at least do that?

At least this is a “reasonable” idea for this POS. Someone who was du… I mean awesome enough to have bought this, please weigh in.