Pyle Mini LED Portable Projector

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Pyle Mini LED Portable Projector
Price: $39.99
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11/6/2016 - $39.99

The lumens on this is 40, not 400

Are you thinking watts? What makes you say that?

Our info matches the product details on Amazon.

How many of these units does Woot have left? When will they start showing up on the TV show “Bacon Or Cornnuts”?

It’s pretty disnenguous to describe it as having “Full HD 1080p Support” and then bury the fact that it actually doesn’t after then going to say “Compact, Portable & Light Weight; Content will display at 320 x 240 Pixel Native Resolution

Sorry, but converting on the fly to 320x240 resolution is not supporting 1080p. Any marketing that tries to deceive the buyer in that fashion is a huge red flag. Huge, huge pass.

I wouldn’t say they buried the fact given that it was included in the same bullet point as the 1080p support statement. Did you really expect a full 1080p projector for $39.99?

I’ve had one of these. I believe the lumens rating is misreported - I compared it to a Sharper Image projector that my buddy had, which boasts that it has 100 lumens, and the SI projector was WAY brighter than this one.

I bought this off of Amazon and promptly returned it.

Supporting 1080p is a valid feature. I have an 8 year old pico projector and if you try to input anything higher than 640x480 it will not display it and say the input resolution is too high.

Just add a motion sensor and you MIGHT have a decent nightlight . . .

Finally, a great reason to buy one!

I agree with the other posters. Having 320x240 native resolution is quite different than “True 1080p support”.

That’s just blatant slimy misrepresentation and dishonest marketing. There’s no reason to word it that way except to try to trick consumer then give you a way out via wordplay semantics.

In other words, you all are saying that this is not a good projector and not a good deal? I don’t know anything about these, but thought it’d be fun for my grandson’s to be able to use outside on the patio. I’m certainly game to spend a little more for a better one cause they’re good to take care of things.

Just change “Full HD 1080p Support” to “Full HD 1080p Input Source Support” and nobody can complain :wink:

But yeah, the fact that it does say “Content will display at 320 x 240 Pixel Native Resolution” in the same bullet point kinda negates the “blatant slimy misrepresentation and dishonest marketing” comment and other similar comments.

Also, it seems like my kids will love a giant movie playing on their bedroom wall… and they probably won’t care much about the resolution or brightness (plus, I’ll turn off the lights, of course).

In defense of Woot and Amazon I have to say that this unit IS 400 lumens. The PRJG45 is only 40 lumens. There is not too much of a difference in customer satisfaction, and while it brags on the 1080p capability, it is hardly worthy. Price point here is great, until one speaks of the “regular” price of 79.99, whereas it is only 69.99 on and Amazon has it at 59.99.

In closing, if you are going to compare, you have to compare apples to apples. Frankly, I bought a similar model/unit a while back that had some of the same specifications as this unit. Lens fell out, and frankly I got brighter lights from a weak flashlight. If you want something that works, look for things over the $150 price point. I personally wouldn’t be selling this unit myself. I think there are a lot of savvy internet buyers that demand returns and quality. This should be sold in resorts where people buy them and quickly leave the area. Then they stay sold.

  1. I hope it is very dark in their room.
  2. You are going to need to be 20 or more feet away from the wall if you want a giant screen.
  3. If the screen is giant, they might just care about being below the resolution of tvs from the 1950s when they added color. I have a 1366x768 projector and it is adequate for regular dvd content on a 10 foot screen. I got that for $80 on amazon (its current price) and it is 4 to 10 times brighter

Done! :slight_smile:

While I agree with you, this is the industry standard. Just take some time looking at projectors under $100 on amazon, newegg, bestbuy, or anywhere else. 1080p support does not mean 1080p output.

I got one last time around and it is the worst crap I have ever used.
Save you money!
The video was horrible in a pitch black room a bic lighter had more light.

Thats because you are Amazon.