Pyle Mini LED Portable Projector

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Pyle Mini LED Portable Projector
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320x240 Native resolution…pass!

Does it come with a sock full of coal?

I bought one of these. Worst piece of crap I ever wasted money on… Dim bulb, low resolution, cheap construction. Seriously, don’t waste your money like I did

What about using one for, say, backlighting a halloween projection on windows?

I concur, this thing is a turd. Super dim, I thought perhaps the lamp was set too low or the unit was defective but that’s just how it’s made apparently. It’s honestly so dim that it’s really not visible. I only tried using it as a projector for my laptop, maybe I should break it out of then I again and try the TV or a gaming console. As soon as I realized that was as visible as the projection would get, I boxed everything back up so I could sell it. I would have returned it but I shoved it in my closet for a few months after it arrived while I debated on using it myself or giving it away as a gift. Lesson learned, try it out ASAP so the return window doesn’t close. I’d love to hear from someone who actually likes this projector and had used it successfully. Perhaps there is something I’m missing? It’s really hard to believe that they would put this into production with the way it works. Perhaps that’s why they are only sold OK these online discount sites…

These are basically 7 year old tecnology. Had one years ago and even in a dark room, slightly out of focus, it was unbearable.

Smartwatches have better resolution than this POS.

The lack of lumens will mean any image will be practically invisible.

I’m waiting for it to be less than $20 so I can try it for some retro gaming with my 3 year old.

Windowless room and this thing with some mario at 240p might be enjoyable for him, even if it’s eyecancer for me.