Pyle Musical Instruments

I bought the 39" acoustic Pyle Pro guitar on the last Woot go-round because I thought, how bad could it possibly be? Really bad! It’s wood, has stings, and looks like a guitar BUT is barely playable as an instrument. the top was not glued to the inner framework causing horrible buzzing noises, the fretboard was bare unfinished unsanded wood, and all the tuning pegs were loose and sloppy.

Reviews on amazon for the Uku are pretty rough

I just bought a “Hola” to start learning Uke. It’s got it foibles, but it’s much better than this appears to be.

I got that in purple, and while it didn’t come with any accessories, the picks are useless (you don’t pick on a uku), and the tuning whistler is questionably useful if you have a smartphone with a tuning app.

Yeah, the ukulele is not good. I wanted an inexpensive one to mess around with when i was walking through the house or laying on the couch, etc. One to grab real quick if something popped in my head, so I bought this one for $5 more last time it was on Woot! The strings are crap and don’t hold tune for more than 3 minutes and it’s not worth putting better strings on. It comes with a strap (Why?? there is no where to put it…) and a cheap tuner. So the accessories don’t even make the purchase worth while. More useful as a decoration.

Don’t buy this trash. I have been playing guitar for 21 years and can assure you this is garbage. If you are on a budget and need a cheap package deal, go to musiciansfriend(.com) and buy a Fender Squire package. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Squire is the greatest guitar in the world. I am saying it is much better than this and great for a beginner before you go spending a bunch of money on a nice guitar.

How Pyle can get away with using the term “Professional” is beyond imagination!

I have been playing for a while too. I can guarantee these instruments are certainly a pyle. A pyle of S***!

I have been playing for over 45 years. I have both sold (in a music store) and taught guitar. Several months ago I was commenting how bad a deal this crap was and why every time (which was often) Woot put this level of crap up for sale. I was not trying to hurt Woot but at the same time I have too often seen a young and wanting person come for a lesson and his/her mom and dad had purchased this kind of garbage. Jimi Hendrix could not play a tune on this crap so you can imagine how let down the child was because he could not learn. It could easily turn the child off the desire forever. So my warnings of stay away was to help the buyer and end user only. Anyway, I was catching so much grief from others I just stopped giving out the warning. You can do much better for only a few bucks more. And if you will opt for used equipment you can really do better. Just when you do decide to buy either know what you are doing and if that was the case you would not even be looking at this sh*t, or find someone that does (musician) and have them help you find a good instrument.

One simple rule: If a guitar has a “laminate” top, don’t buy it! “Laminate” is nothing more than thin plywood with an even thinner (often just 1/32" to 1/62") spruce or linden veneer. For a child just learning or a beginner who wants something inexpensive, great - but if you want a QUALITY guitar, stay away from laminate! There are a lot of decent guitar packages out there with solid spruce tops at very reasonable prices. Shop around!

Actually, Jimi Hendrix started on a ukulele he found in the trash. He paid $5 for his first cheap acoustic guitar. His first electric was a single pickup Supro Ozark. Supro guitars were a lower-end brand produced by the Valco-National company. The internet is an amazing thing - lots of good info out there - and just as much bad advice too.

Is it free shipping ?

Anyone have any comments on the drum kits? I was thinking recently of getting a USB drum kit, and these seem decently priced. Anyone have one/used one?

DONT DO IT! If you are really interested in learning drums, get a Roland set. You will feel extremely disappointed with this set. Save yo money!

Yeah, and Jimi turned out to be one of the best of all time! This is anecdotal evidence and therefore just as bad as any advice out there. I think the original guys comment was much closer to the mark.

Do you have a link? Price? (Amazon?)

It looks like the PTED05 has mostly positive reviews on Amazon:
Amazon PTED05.
Amazon PTED01. <- Same as PTED05, minus book/dvd.

A couple of issues with it registering on the edges of the pads, as well as the quality of the pedals, but overall mostly positive.