Pyle on the Electronics

Can the sound bar hook up to my TV without blue tooth?

I’ve been looking for a midi controller to make electronic beats since my appartment is too small for my drum set. Anyone have any experience with this? How is the touch response?

I’m mad. If the car head unit had bluetooth, I’d probably be in for 3, and would have 1 in a heartbeat

Yes, it has AUX1 and AUX2 RCA inputs on the back.

My grandpa always spoke about his Pyles and how much they bothered him, but I don’t recall seeing him with headphones.

I actually picked up the PSBV200BT last time it was offered. The sound is great and works with all my other stuff (record player, cd, etc).

The only down side, for me, it that it’s rather large and I am currently having trouble getting a table to fit everything.

I am currently contemplating getting another for the bedroom.

Does anyone know if the car unit can be upgraded to Bluetooth? Some units that ship without BT accept a BT module…

I’m sorry I wasn’t more specific. My TV (LG LM4600) only has a Digital Optical Audio out, this has no audio in. I would need to get a converter then, wouldn’t I?

I got the PSBV200BT right before Christmas and I love it. It hooks up to my Motorola Atrix, my Kindle Fire HD, my girlfriend’s MacBook, and her iPhone via bluetooth with absolutely no problems.

The range seems to be a solid 20-25 ft. before you get interference.

Pyle Pro PCMX265W
Battery Powered Portable PA System


What’s with the Rechargeable Battery dying?

Pyle PLD33MU 3-Inch TFT/LCD Monitor DVD/VCD/MP3/MP4/CDR/SD/USB Player and AM/FM Receiver

Amazon has it for $66.89 with free shipping. So better deal there :frowning:

Also there is a pretty neat product from the same company

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Have one to sell? Sell it yourself
NEW Pyle PLR27MPBU In-Dash Bluetooth AM/FM USB/SD Receiver iPod/MP3 AUX & Remote

That goes for $55 with shipping. Now there is no option with movies of course, but blue tooth is pretty cool.

I wouldn’t touch anything with the Pyle name with a ten-foot pole. You have been warned.

Anyone know how big the chest strap is on the heart monitor GPS watch?

It also occurs to me to wonder if women can use one - can you get it to a workable spot around or through a bra?

The car receiver looks kind of neat. I don’t have the money now, but I’d probably go for it if I had $60 to blow.

Why is that? I often see posts like this and no reason backing them up… I am legitimately curious as to why you dislike them so much, can you explain? I know nothing about pyle so I would take any criticism or praise about the brand into consideration.

I bought 3 of the Pyle noise reducing headphones a while back. They were utter crap. You have to remove the speakers from the ear pieces and be careful not to break the wires, all just to replace the battery which drives the noise reducing. Perhaps the worst example of ‘engineering’ in history. Mine are already in the landfil.

does anyone have the iPhone clock radio? Need something like this for hubby and the price looks good.

Everything they make is flea-market cheap-as-possible garbage. Every product they make is designed to be the cheapest option for customers, which means they use the cheapest quality materials possible and little to no quality control. There was a period in my life where I didn’t know any better and thought a Pyle LCD TV would be a nice buy…but quickly discovered why it was cheaper than the rest. Then I started installing mobile electronics for a living. I’ve seen my share of Pyle headunits, speakers, amplifiers, and flip-down TVs come into my shop for installation. They’re all feather light and ultra cheap feeling/sounding. Then I see them again in a month when they come back into my shop complaining half the buttons on their headunit don’t work anymore. I have to explain to them that nothing I do has any bearing on the functionality of the buttons on your headunit. It’s just a garbage e-bay unit.

Search ebay for some cheap headunits for your car. One of the cheapest you’ll find is Pyle. But the interesting thing is that some sellers refuse to even use the name “Pyle” in their listing. It’ll just say something like “NEW SUPER MP3/CD/DVD CAR STEREO DIGITAL RADIO RECEIVER”. Then you supersize the picture and clearly see the name Pyle on the headunit itself. It’s dime-a-dozen no-name trash.

Sorry Woot. I hate to dump on your sales, but everything I said is completely true. Bring us something at least mid-range quality.