Pyle Power!

Why does this one cost more than this one, and why does this one cost more than this one, and why does that last one cost more than this one?

I see differences in mAh and recharge cycles, but I feel like I’m missing something since some of the price differences doesn’t add up. Sorry if it’s something glaringly obvious x.x

Woot’s descriptions are kind of short, but here’s the product page:

The first pair you linked, I think the extra cost is for Apple’s 30-pin connector support. The Second pair, the difference is because the 3000mAh charger has 5 different connectors available on the cable, where the 5200mAh one has just USB output. The last one you linked has a built in flashlight in addition to the single USB output.

Wow, that actually makes a whole lot of sense o.o I had a feeling it was small yet obvious things I was missing XD Thanks so much for your help. This makes it a lot easier to get just what I need without the stuff I don’t :slight_smile:

Just a small side note - they all seem to have the built in flashlight, if the specs are accurate.

Unless I’m missing something, this is selling here, on Amazon, for $10.00 less with free Prime shipping.

CamelCamelCamel doesn’t even show that price move as of this post so they must have just lowered it. Possibly to compete with us. Unfortunately, we can’t always beat prices when the change in the middle of our sale.