Pyle Power!

Yippee I am first… Sould there be any reason to doubt this product when its half the price of most others AND super slim?

It’s too bad that Pyle didn’t see fit to include pictures of the connectors that come with this device. And some additional details. So little effort for such a big reward.

It seems to me, after checking out their website, that this type of device is an afterthought for them. Fine, lots of companies make good afterthought products. But the “marketing” is worse than horrendous. If they don’t want to sell the device, which is my take on the “marketing” on their own site, then give them away, FGS. Even the website doesn’t show the connectors. Heck, does it even COME with connectors?? I read the specs and I’m still at a loss, and I’m a geek!

On Amazon these are prices at $40-60, and the only one reviewed is the 10000, which isn’t being offered here. And the reviews are not stellar.

Yep, it is less expensive than lots of these devices on the market,but we all know you often get exactly what you paid for. I’ll put the $20.00 into a device I can feel good about if only because 1) others have and 2) the company wants to sell the product.

My 2cents.

Got two of these last time they were on sale (the 10,000 and 5,000- looks like the former is no longer available). They both come with connectors- most of the standard ones including mini/micro USB and Apple 30 pin. The cable is actually a pretty good length (about 2 ft) and has an interchangeable joint.

The batteries are pretty decent- comparable performance to the likes of RavPower and Anker (both of which I also use). The only minus I noticed is it said the 10k mAh pack had a LED light; it actually doesn’t. Been using both of them for a while now and they seem to be holding up fine.

They actually seem to be pretty decent; I’m guessing these are being phased out of the company’s catalog. There’s a lot of competition in this space so it’s not surprising.

Bought one last time & it only works when it’s plugged into the wall. Also only comes with a usb plug and nothing to connect it to a wall outlet. Also only had one type of charger pin & that was micro usb. Overall it’s been a waste of my $ for the 2nd time buying a portable power source from woot. Very disappointed.

That is exactly NOT the point of a portable power pack!

I just bought both of the 5,200 mAh versions, just to try them out compared to the 10k mAh Anker I have. The Pyles’ dimensions are HALF that of the Anker, and include a flashlight to boot.

Hope I’m not terribly disappointed, but at <$15 a pop I can’t really complain. If it just serves as a pocket-sized, incredibly long-lasting (but probably weak) flashlight, it will be worth the price.