Pyle Pro Audio Gear

Will any of these mic stands hold a Blue Yeti by chance? I do have a screw thread adaptor, if that’s all that is needed.

That $39.95 recorder is unique. It is for recording analog mics and and sources. Basically a digital recorder without a mic and the controls associated with recorders. Also no XLR mic input, so really deigned for cheap mics and other inputs. An odd duck.

Does anyone know if these sound good enough for actual use as live music speakers? They are SO much cheaper than speakers from JBL, etc…

Microphones are pretty much standard on thé threads. Shorter answer: yes

**Condenser mic: ** purchased this recently thru Woot. Quality control wasn’t on their game, it appears. The battery holder threads together, which twisted the crap out of the wires. So much so that I had to solder them back on their respective posts on one end. Tsk, tsk, Pyle.
That said, the mic is okay, a little noisy.

I don’t suggest having the same expectations for these speakers, in terms of build quality. That’s one thing. Good non-powered speakers should last 50 years, at least. (I have some 40+ that sound just like they did when new.) As long as you keep them away from cats, kids, water and sun, and always use a big enough amp, they last almost forever. (Besides physical damage, the only way to hurt speakers is to over-drive the amplifier and burn out the tweeter or bottom out the woofer.)

As far as sound quality, it depends on what kind of music you’re talking about. I’d actually trust Pyle more with loud music than quiet. If you wanted to use them for a thrash metal band, they’d probably work great (if the number of speakers and amount of power is proportional to the size of the venue). I’d hesitate before using them for a singer/songwriter in a coffee shop.

Also, note that they mix amplified and non-amplified speakers freely here. Be sure you get the kind you want. If it doesn’t say “amplified,” it’s probably not.

You, sir, deserve a quality post +1 for this. Thank you very much!

The $19.99 over-the-ear headphones are terrible. Got them for my daughter for Christmas last year (2013). They lasted about 3 months. She used them sitting at her desk plugged in to her computer. The connection shorted at the jack. We replaced them with the same kind. Same thing happened about 3 months later.

Poor quality materials and durability. Save your money and woot something else.

They sound good, the biggest difference is durability and these are also a bit less efficient so less sound per watt. If you drop a speaker from JBL you brush it off and carry on where dropping this would be disastrous.

I picked up the PSUFM835A set. A few things to note: The voltage switch is wired backwards (I have to set it to 220 for it to work on 110. If I set the switch to 110, the radio part powers on, but no sound if set to AUX input). It also has the wires to the passive speaker wired in rather than using quick connects. Not super-clear sound, but good enough to have some loud music in the garage. If this sale comes around again, I may go for the bigger set (PSUFM1240P & PSUFM1245A for the set). I have no complaints for amateur/home use. If I were going to go pro though, I would certainly get more higher-end stuff.