Pyle Pro Audio Gear

Pyle PKRK212 Karaoke Vibe Bluetooth Multimedia PA System with Dual 12’’ Woofers, Dual 3’’ Tweeters, 7’’ Screen, Multimedia Disc Player, VHF Wireless Microphone, 1000 Watt

Buyer Beware!

I purchased this unit in 2014 and it did not work so I was directed to contact Pyle. I had to ship the non-working unit to New York at a cost of $88 (FedEx was the cheapest) out of my pocket. They returned the unit and claimed that I did not know how to attach the AC plug from the unit to the wall outlet. Really?

I will not purchase Pyle products every again and thus the Caveat Emptor warning. Enjoy.

Pyle PCMLVC33 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone is just under $13 (eligible for Prime shipping) on Amazon, yet $18 (+$5 shipping) here.

So you are saying Pyle is simply a “Pile”, right?

pyle is a pile go buy the Gemini stuff at least that will hold up. i own both brands and pyle seems to just be am off the shelf knock off.

Please sell the stand too! The speakers are great for small events. (Scouts, PTA, church basement bingo) But they could use stands and the size is not standard.