Pyle Pro DJ Equipment

I’m gonna put that tweeter system in my trunk and bust out the jams all up and down the main strip!

Regarding the PYLE Pro PPHP153MU, is this just a single speaker? The picture shows two, but I am guessing this is just to show front and back. Correct?

Yes, it is only one speaker.

Where are these “list prices” coming from? Such as with the PYLE Pro PPHP153MU 15’’ listed at ~650, when ~219 new online. Just curious.

does anyone know anything about that Hybrid Pre-amp receiver? I’m wondering if it would power the 15" Speaker cabinets well or at all. Would I also need a true amp in addition to the pre-amp/receiver?

They come directly from the manufacturer or vendor. It’s a required piece of info in our purchase process. We don’t make 'em up.

“I” before “E” except after “C”

How hard is that to remember?


Ahhhhhhhh. Which sale?

In for 2 of the 15" powered speakers and the pre-amp. Let’s see how hard these can rock…

In the mixer specs it states separate “effects” control however it does not list any effects such as reverb and/or delay. Many units have this option to control effects but effects must come from another source. Am I correct in assuming there is not reverb and/or delay aboard this mixer?

Here’s the product page for the PMX402M. There’s a manual linked there than might have the info you seek.

Seems like it does, each input has one of these but it looks like they all share the settings for echo and delay, just how much of the setting you add to each input seems to be the choice:
This is a send control to the reverb bus. It controls the amount of reverberation added
to the input signals.

I love cheap brand wattage ratings.
(fine print: 3watts RMS)

I’d be curious how “good” the PA speakers are for just occasional garage band use, would it be able to play a bass without peaking out?