Pyle PRO DJ Equipment

that amp is CRAZY. 24000 Watts at 2 ohms. Strange that is only for the right channel though. (-:

I bought one of these pyle units from woot about 3 months ago for like $89. Specifically:Pyle Pro PPHP103MU 10" 600W Powered Two-Way PA Speaker with MP3/USB/SD Playback

The good news is that it was worth the price and had decent sound and lots of options for a $89 unit. I bought it to give my daughters Karaoke system more oomph- and it does accomplish that. The bad news is that, in reality, power output is about 60 watts. Basically I assumed the wattage was overrated based on the price I paid- so I was not disappointed. It’s a cool little useful amp, that is priced accordingly for what you get, but the output is exaggerated by a factor of 10.

No Beats headphones!!! How can ANYONE be a DJ without those headphones? Shame on you woot for shattering the dreams of everyone who thinks they are a DJ because of their beats…:expressionless:

Those disco speakers remind me of jesse pinkman’s system.

Pretty much trash, outdated, or both… I was interested there for about half a second.

Is the turntable direct or belt driven? The description says both.

As a professional mobile DJ (25+ years) I can assure you that none of this gear is “pro” grade. It’s basically entry level, let your kid have some fun and blow it up, kind if gear. You ‘get what you pay for’ when it comes to professional grade DJ gear.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘direct’. I see belt driven in the title, features, and specs. Can you point me to what you’re asking about?

Nothing Pro about this PYLE.O.C!

You’re right, this stuff isn’t high end pro. And the retail price is a joke. BUT, I’ve used this gear for my wife’s dance club and it does OK. They have about three shows a year and the gear works pretty good for that use, since it’s cheaper than to have to rent gear. OTOH, if you plan on using this stuff every day in a DJ or band setting, it’s highly NOT recommended.

Third bullet item on the features page:

Direct drive USB turntable with recording and digital software will be the hit of any party

Reviews on Amazon talk about it being shipped with the belt having slipped off, so obviously “Direct” just snuck in there.

Ah, I gotcha. I guess I missed that earlier. Thanks for posting back.

UPDATE: To confirm, belt driven is correct.

The power ratings for the active PA speakers are obviously wrong. 1200 W RMS? Impossible. Does anyone know what the actual power ratings for these speakers might be? And it looks like the PPHP150A is the same as the PPHP1537UB with the (useless to a DJ) usb and bluetooth guts ripped out.

The only thing I would consider would be the cabinet speakers along with the amp for an extremely mobile speaker rig, and I’m an intermediate hobbyist DJ that does stuff every now and again if people ask.

Regardless of the critics, I will tell you that I have one of the 15" 1200w powered PA on here for 179.00 and I defy anyone to NOT be impressed with all the features and sound quality. I have it hooked up to a roland td11 kit and it kicks arse-- I promise. Also used it outside for a Halloween party, and after the third visit from police, had to turn it off. I’m so tempted to grab another for my sons keyboard. This is a steal for 179.00 - no BS


It’s a brand name folks, that’s all. Do professionals use Pyle equipment? Hell no.

Will this be fun in your basement? Possibly.

Will you blow the audience away with these cabs and PA’s? Only if you mean how much they’re blown away by your suck!

If you want serious audio gear, you know this isn’t it. If you want some cheesy, low quality karaoke DJ gear at a low price then this is the woot for you.

I play drums for fun/hobby (big kit) in the garage. I just got some mics finally, then realized that I have no room on my mini mackie for all the channels a drum mic kit needs in addition to the other stuff we have plugged into it (guitars, mics, etc).

Would any of these larger channel mixers be usable for micing drums with, which would then be output to my mackie ? I think two of the mics (over heads) require power too.

I know pyle is junk and quite a few are recommending it for light/fun/garage use… which this would certainly qualify for… but then again, I could always find another used Mackie at one of the big box music stores too perhaps, but I would still be paying 2-3 x the price over one of these cheap mixers…

I then output the mackie to an OLD stereo amp (home, not rack/studio stuff) and a set of big old 90’s era kenwood cabinet speakers. I wonder also if any of the crap big speakers here would suffice for my needs as well? I literally play once a month or once every couple months with bandmates in my garage.

anyone out there that knows drums/mic/mixer combos with advice for this situation?

I wouldn’t go nuts and fill up my racks with all Pyle equipment, but I have a pair of the 12" powered speakers that I purchased off woot a year ago and, for the price, they’ve been amazing. I’ve used them alone for smaller weddings and pub quizzes and as supplemental speakers for larger weddings and they’ve been awesome. as supplemental equipment, the Pyle stuff isn’t too shabby