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What are the throw distances for the projectors?

how come i never see any reviews for pyle projectors anywhere?

One of them is on Amazon. the reviews are all over the place… with many saying it’s great, and the other complaining about keystone focusing issues, clicking sounds, fit/finish of the ports, and fan noise.

when i google them, only a few reviews turn up on amazon. very few considering the amount other projectors get, which makes me think they are not big sellers. notice how none have sold out here yet. they sound too good to be true which makes me leery of them

just wanted to add i just checked out your link, appears i spoke too soon, there indeed are far more amazon pyle reviews than the last time a sale was on here and i checked.

Also note that the LCD size used to project the image doesn’t match in the woot specs vs amazon specs (7" vs 5.8") and the contrast ratio is listed as 2000:1 on woot, but 1200:1 on amazon and on pyle’s website. Really makes me wonder how much the product specs listed for the products on this woot sale can be trusted.,-Built-In-Speakers,-USB-Flash-Reader-and-Accepts-1080p-Signal

… wow… just wow… on the product specification page (pg 20) of the user manual from the manufacturers site even states at the bottom “(any changes on the parameter will not be noted)”

as to the lack of reviews, it seems that some of these may be very new products as well since the MSRP on one of them isn’t even listed on the manufacturer’s page. Either that or they have absolutely no faith in their product and don’t think anyone should charge for it… MSRP $0

… also makes you wonder where woot pulled their made up msrp out of to make it seem like a better deal

In regards to the loud case fan reviews, it seems like it should be pretty easy to replace the fans with quieter third-party ones if they actually bother you. Based on the product dimensions they could easily hold a 120mm fan so they’re probably using a standard sized fan. Of course you’d need to make sure the fan you replace it with has equivalent or better CFM (airflow) otherwise you’d likely make it over heat. Plus you’d probably void your 1-year manufacturers warranty, but based on the perceived reliability of Pyle it’s hard to say how useful that warranty would be or how easy it would be to redeem.

I bought the Pyle PRJLE78 the day that the sale started and received it three hours ago. I came to this projector with very low expectations, and was at best case hoping for similar performance to my now two year old Acer K130 but maybe a little brighter and with better focus as my K130’s optics are a little out of whack. Something to note is that I bought the K130 on sale for $300, very close in price to this projector.

This thing is crap.

The colour is undersaturated to the point of everything looking like pastel, it is VERY hard to tell the difference between red blue and green, even after getting the settings as optimal as they can be. I have not seen colors this bad on a display before, projector or otherwise. It looks like it can only display baby blue, artichoke green and light salmon pink, with no differentiation in brightness of any of those colors.

It is bright, maybe around 1000 lumens, but it does so while putting out similar noise levels to my other projetor 1/5th its size. I am sitting 10 feet away from it with headphones on and can hear it clearly over the stream I am watching.

It has severe problems with motion, making fast action such as counter strike unwatchable. It looks like screen tearing, but all over the screen at once vs just on a single level of pixels.

Black levels and contrast are bad, but this was expected and would not have been a deal breaker if not for its other problems. LCD projectors will almost always lose in contrast levels to DLP projectors, especially at the low end.

Little things. The optics are janky, but get the screen more or less in focus with a little work. It is very large and heavy. It is normal for projectors to smell a bit when you first run them, but the chemical smell from this one is a little ridiculous, had to open the windows because it was starting to give me a headache.

I give this projector a 2/10. Maybe you could use it for data only, but anything with color make this project useless.

Thanks for the info. You posted this just in time to keep me from making a horrible mistake.

In theory you could replace the fan. I took it apart. Mine is a bit older and almost all the screws broke of the casing YMMV if your’s is newer. The next hang up is the main fan that makes all the noise is in some specialized heat dispensing case. I didn’t want to mess with it because I would have to take out too many pieces and risked messing up the projector as a whole. It quickly became a bigger project than I intended. I thought the same thing. Swap fan get a low DB fan with at least the same CFM airflow. It wasn’t the quick fix I had hoped. Also dust gets into the projection chamber of the case once you start moving things around. Generally the area where the image is bounced around from a mirror is free from areas that would accumulate dust. However, as soon as I opened the case dust went into that area and isn’t so easy to keep away. I would recommend a vacuum and compressed air cans (ideally a clean room) if you intend to tackle this project. Take pictures as you go to help with the reassembly. There are a lot of screws.