Pyle Refurb Palace

You really missed an opportunity to include a Pyle of Crap here, woot.

Such a large Pyle of refurbs they had to build a palace to house them all. No surprise here!

I think it had been a whole month since we had a Pyle sale on woot. I was starting to get anxious about withdrawal.

You list two “Tan” headrest monitors, yet in the pic one is grey. Are they both in fact tan, or is one mislabeled?

Just kidding. I was comparing the two.

Everyone knows this isn’t really 3000 watts right? (Pyle RBPTA3000) I mean it’s not even possible to get that from a 15 amp circuit. This is one of those few remaining companies apparently that advertises MAYBE the peak power not the RMS. I thought that wasn’t even legal anymore. Try about 300 watts per channel in stereo at 8 ohms which is what most home speakers run at. Read page 12 of the manual, if anyone can understand its vague chart.

Pyle is the new Sansa here at Woot.

What the heck, the “factory reconditioned” price is full price for the headrests?

Anyone have any experience with installation of the Pyle RBPLRD195IF? Anyone have any comments about the quality of these units?

The RBPEA4000 amplifier looks identical to and has identical specifications to the discontinued Behringer EP1500 (except for Pyle’s obviously inflated maximum power). RMS specs are actually provided, and if this is what I think it is, it is VERY solid, and about half what the Behringer sold for, new. They were solid, well-built, and had few problems.

My suspicion is that Pyle now has access to the Chinese manufacturing contractor that used to manufacture the Behringer part, before Behringer moved manufacturing to their own facility.