Pyle Refurbished Electronics

I bought two refurbished dvd headrest. The sound was just ok in the build in speakers. It only played certain territorial dvds. One head set was broken and would not work wirelessly. Pyle has not replied to my attempt to get the headphones replaced even though woot (this great company) has. I have bought many items from Woot. The majority are fine. I always wonder what will happen if the refurbished items is not truly refurbished. No luck so far with pyle. Would be nice to have a phone number and person to talk to.

You can call Pyle repair department
at 718-535-1800 ext:241

I purchased 2 wireless rearview mirrors, both missing parts, both did not have the rearview cameras, you would think these items shipped by pyleaudio would have better quality control. could not get replacements of missing parts from pyleaudio, and woot will not resend shipping labels to return

re: the car TV tuner: I thought NTSC (analog) is dead, replaced by ATSC (digital). What will this tuner receive?

Pyle RBPLDNV74U 7’’ Motorized TFT Touch Screen

for future ref. should this come up again. I’ve been fiddling with the GPS, the maps and software are from iGO, but may not be a legal copy as Pyle isn’t listed on the igo website anywhere and you can’t update the maps because of this.

The maps are from Q1 2008, search the web and you’ll find ways to resolve this, though none involve legal purchases.

it’s a pretty basic system, but it sounds fine with my cheap speakers in my 1976 f250.

it didn’t like my 64gb kingston usb stick, I haven’t tried another smaller yet. it did s quickly scan and displayrf the file titles, but then quickly kicked out to a default screen.

The gps while having old maps, was picking up nearly every satellite that was in the sky, it nailed my position as soon as I turned it on.

I’ll update this if I think of anything else useful…

This thing is great for what I really wanted and that was a stereo that I could attach a backup camera to. otherwise it was a waste of money it’s older than you’d think. the maps are 2008, the USB and SD card reader seem to be for music only… it says it supports MP4 and I was hoping as many of my video files are MP4 they would work… the do not. if you want cheap and functional go to ebay and buy one of the china android head units, at least you’ll get something modern and if you’re not happy with the built in GPS you can always use the play store to download something like NAVFREE or other standalone GPS software.

On the one plus side this has a AUX video in and my Galaxy S3 happens to have the ability to play video out the headphone jack with 1/8" to RCA adaptor, so I can put anything I have on my phone on the display.

9-12-2014 contacted Pyle, requested help finding map updates and I received a reply to my service ticket “on it’s way” and they closed the ticket. I’ll update if I get new maps!

9-15-2014 Received a new 4GB SD card with a newer version of software and Q3 2012 maps. It wouldn’t work in the unit though. The only thing I was able to do was get it to say “please insert the correct map card” at one point, otherwise it didn’t work. back to tech support.

had some trouble at one point I was fiddling with the new GPS card and all the text vanished from the display the icons were still there and it worked I could select items that weren’t displayed. pressing the Rest button on the front of the unit is when this started, I corrected it by disconnecting the wire harness at the back of the unit for 10 seconds and the reconnecting it.

10-6-2014 2nd SD card arrived They sent a second card, they’ve been trying to help I’ll give them that, and I never expected to get much help at all. The second card was back to a 2GB card, but it wouldn’t boot either. I haven’t tried to doctor the files yet, but out of the envelope it was a no-go.