Pyle Refurbs: Pyle It On

These guys really live up to their name. Everything I’ve owned by them (2 different record players and 2 different cordless mics) have broken within less than 1 year. I’ve stopped buying them because they are a PYLE of…

With a name like Pyle …

Uh, 72rpm records? There’s no such animal. Please tell me this is a typo (

Sorry but where do you see 72?

Yes, there is such an animal. When I was a child, my first record player had a switch to select either 45 or 78 rpm (don’t think it had 33), but other speeds were used prior to the 80s (60 to 130 RPM). Check out the wiki on it:

All that said, I would think they meant 78…

ETA: also, see above post - I don’t see a 72 anywhere on the description, pics, or specs. Maybe they already fixed whatever you saw.

Does anyone know if the Pyle RBPLDNV695 comes with a GPS antenna?

Everytime I see those retro turntables/cd/mp3/cassette stereos on here I want to buy one. Then I remember all the reviews that say they are basically worthless. I should probably just piece together a component stereo.

We would have called it “A Huge Pyle Of $hit!” but we were worried about the character limits.

I suspect those power ratings are ISBL standards - If Struck By Lightning.

Curious if anyone has owned the amps. I have a record player that I used to play through my guitar amp. No more guitar amp now, so I was thinking about an amplifier purchase and using a speaker set. Any thoughts?

looks like the sound bars all lack digital connections and only have RCA. no opitcal, coax or hdmi or did I miss something?

The reason they’re on Woot? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwww, dude. That hurt. :wah:

A steaming pyle…

Best laugh of the morning!

Wow! It looks like Pyle had to “recondition” virtually every product they make!

I bought a Pyle DVD portable here some time ago and was amazed where and how they cut corners to shave costs of the product. Where there should have been metal (hinges, hinge pins) there was plastic. Where there should have been buttons, there were molded-in tabs.

The plastic case and the lid were the thinnest I’d ever seen in a player.


A refurb Pyle sale? That seriously scares me…

I’m sure they’re reconditioned to be as good as new.