Pyle Refurbs: Pyle It On

that does not give much hope.

MPX vs MP3?

Anyone with any experience with the navigation through MP3’s on their head units? I’m basically looking for a “mech-less” head unit for an off road vehicle that has some logic in how you navigate the folders. The CD player will probably never get used, if the item has one, such as the “Pyle In-Dash 200W CD Receiver withUSB RBPLCDUSB78MP3” unit.

“The phonograph was invented in the 18th century by Thomas Edison, but has remained nearly the same for over a hundred years.”

They have their years wrong. Edison made the phonograph in the 1877, which would be the 19th century. Besides, I would think all of the vast improvements which were made in the technology in its first seventy years would make people consider it as altered quite a bit…

Opened my amp that arrived yesterday, missing a part. I’ve emailed support, somewhat grumpy at this point.

Opened my amp yesterday - horrible packing job. It’s fairly heavy, and was shipped single boxed with a few pieces of leftover styrofoam on the top and bottom. No protection at all on the sides or corners. This wasn’t FEDEX’s fault - this was piss poor packing. Believe it or not, it still works, so I’m debating whether to just bend it back or bother with support.

has anyone had a problems with the needle jumping towards the center? It looks like i got a non functioning unit and it can’t be good for my records.


what a pyle of Sh*^

i bought the “Pyle RBPT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System with Bluetooth” and the speakers came over used beyond belief. i’d be embarrased to have the speakers & sub even sitting in clear view in my living room. it literally looks like someone dropped each individual speaker down a few stairs, rubbed them in some dirt, repackaged the speakers in a piss poor fashion (broken styrofoam / wripped plastic / component screws placed in a sandwich bag and taped to the receiver) and sent back to pyle, and then the returns department just slapped another shipping label and sent it to me as “refurbished”.

there were no speaker wires as noted in the original deal and i had to pay $15 just to see if the system even worked. luckily it does… kinda. the system makes an annoying hissing / slight knocking sound when speaker is on with sound muted / each speaker had scratches and dents including the tweeter speakers being pushed in which i presume were by someone’s fingers.

this is THE WORST deal i’ve picked up by woot and i’ve filed a chargeback on my credit card. their response was basically “here’s a fedex return label. send it back and we’ll refund you.”

doubt i will EVER buy from woot again after this whole fiasco. crappy product blatantly not as described and now i have to wait another week to find a better system and have it shipped to me. im hoping they respond stating they will get an actual refurbished / good condition system re-sent to me because i basically wasted my time on this one.

“Our standard Woot Customer Service hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Central, Monday through Friday. We strive to answer all inquiries within 24 hours if at all possible.”

3 days later and still no reply

Sorry for the delay. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

Thanks TT

Woot is out of the replacement parts and told me to talk to Pyle. 10 minute conversation with the guy and it turns out the Pyle Blade PLBA430FRD doesn’t have remote gain control. They are going to fix their website to reflect this.

Paid for the “PYLE RBP1501ATU 1500 Watt Hybrid Home Stereo Receiver Amplifier w/ AM/FM Tuner/ USB”

…but received the “PYLE P2002ABTI 2000 Watt Hybrid Home Stereo Receiver Amplifier w/ AM/FM Tuner/ Ipod Docking Station & Bluetooth.”

Was initially kinda bummed that we didn’t get the USB MP3 capability… then was quite happy when I realized we got 500 extra watts instead… and… I can still use my old iPhone 3GS as an Ipod/MP3 player (wife suggested we keep it permanently docked on top, so I’ll go find that now).

Found an old stereo cable, and have our (W00Ted) computer wired for serious sound: two 400 watt speakers… with a 29" monitor (W00Ted) makes for an intense movie experience. :slight_smile:

[Now I just have to get the (W00Ted) Roku run down into the computer too… you guys are killing me with these deals.] :wink:

I bought a Pyle RBP3201ATU 3000 Watts Hybrid Home Stereo Receiver Amplifier w/ AM/FM Tuner/ USB. It took 7 days to receive the stereo and by the time I got around to installing it, just after their return policy ended, but well within if you take off the shipping time I got the form letter that pretty much says ‘Take a hike.’ Really a 21 day return policy when it takes 7 to get to me??? I had hoped that I would receive a working unit as that is what I paid for. I responded to the form letter with an appropriate rebuttle only to get the same form letter back again. What did I learn? Plyes are a pile especially the reconditioned ones, and Woot customer service is on the verge of reprehensible. It will be very difficult, or insane for me to buy off of Woot again.