Pyle Retro Vintage Turntable With AM/FM Radio & CD

I bought this a few months back through woot, it looks great and sounds great but that lasted for only a few months.

First off, there were LED displays that never worked from the time it arrived and the other display has since given out. The motor in the record player has slowed dramatically, vinyls that should be played at 33 rpm are now playing at appx 28 and sound slow and muddy. The cd player will not open nor respond to any buttons. I’m sure the cassette player still works fine but… why would I need a cassette player?

If you are looking for a decorative home piece that makes your living room look distinguished or classy, then this is for you. If you are trying to enjoy music as it should be listened to then I suggest you buy a different model. I am an advocate for woot and buying refurbished products but please do yourself a favor and skip this piece of sh!t.