Pyle Rugged & Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Purchased from Woot. My primary use is to listen to audiobooks and music using the SD or USB inputs. Single speaker sound is pleasant but not high fidelity. Loudness is adequate but not room filling. Plays MP3 files up to 320khz. FM radio has presets and works OK. Antenna is rigid and can break if the unit falls against something. The display is not very bright. To charge and use the internal battery requires setting a small switch on the rear next to the 12 v input. Plug type covers make the unit splash resistant but not fully water resistant (SD and USB plug covers may leak). Features heavy construction with heavy rubber surround and a nicely solid handle. Comes with AC adapter/charger. 12 volt input can be used with a car adapter but it is not provided. Bluetooth worked but I only tested it with one mp3 player device so far. Has Aux input but mine did not include a cable. SD/USB/Aux cable inputs are protected by two knobs which double as cable wraps. Suggest using Velcro on the flat near the top to fasten an AUX Mp3 player if that is your preferred use. The unit is one of the few that allows use of SD cards and flash drives, is solidly built and has 12 volt input with pleasant sound - so thumbs up from me.