Pyle Sing Along Portable Karaoke Radio

Pyle Sing Along Portable Karaoke Radio

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How to use or enable Bluetooth?

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I don’t have one here, but I imagine it’s just like pairing an external speaker to your phone.

Did you get one and did it have a manual?

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Oh. My. Goodness.

This is some some of the best product feature writing ever. Here are my highlights.


Bluetooth and Streaming

“Bluetooth capability built in so karaoke singing with friends is more then possible, it is necessary.”

I now need to sing karaoke with friends. Because I didn’t have enough to do today.

Recorder and Lyric Display

“The beauty of this feature is when singing along to a song the LCD screen will display the lyrics.”

So I can read the lyrics while singing so I know what to sing? Amazing! Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

“After recording the sweet vocals make sure or saving them to USB or SD card to enjoyment later.”

I mean… of course my vocals are sweet… duh…I’ll definitely make sure or saving them to enjoyment later!

Portable Design

“This device is made to be portable by design by it’s compact size and sleek look.“

So… the look makes it portable? I had no idea that was possible. Tech has really come a long way!

Includes Head Set

“this feature is great for many different jobs or hobbies. Teachers, law enforcement, sellers and tour guides could really benefit from this products feature.”

I just imagined teachers and police officers wearing the headset and singing karaoke when on the job, and, well, it’s an SNL skit that writes itself.

Rechargeable Battery

“This product comes with a charger but you can always disconnect and go anywhere music is welcome.”

What about places music ISN’T welcome? Am I not allowed to disconnect from the charger and go there?

USB and SD Card Deader

This reminds me of the old Apple IIe that used to eat floppy disks. This thing is a card deader. And it deads BOTH USB and SD for maximum versatility!

Seriously read the whole thing. It’s worth it.

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How did we ever survive without it?


I mean… I’m kind of tempted to buy one… but then karaoke is necessary, so I don’t know. I also may end up putting the headset on at work and then recording my sweet vocals…

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It’s a shame I work mainly alone in my office. I guess I could carry it with me to Wal-Mart. But there’s probably somebody there already with one.

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Found the manual:


I tied every possible combination using both devices and there is no Bluetooth whatsoever

Looking at the manual, I’m doubting BT. Asking the electronics team.

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