Pyle Speaker Docks

So, these are Pyle, iOS only speaker docks.
Nothing to see here, Android users.

Most of them have an AUX jack for connecting other devices. May all, but I didn’t check them all.

and they are old style 30 pin.


The ones with an auxiliary input are a little expensive for the quality, and without an input, they are very limited. I’ve bought some Altec Lansing docks from Woot before, and like using them as computer speakers for the computers in my office. Employees have audio for their computers, AND can drop in an iPod to listen to music.

Do any of the smaller models have a headphone jack for at work use? Be nice to have a docking station to charge while I can listen to AM/FM or IPOD tunes.

If you can give me a couple specific models you’re interested in, I’ll see what I can find out.

PS: Check the specs for I/O ports first. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I did look at the specs and did not see an output jack port, only an input for other devices. I’ve been trying to locate an IPOD player that has a headphone jack for work purposes. The models I’m interested in are:
Pyle PICL36B 30-pin
Pyle PICL45B Enhanced 30-pin

Yeah, they don’t seem to from the specs but I shot of an email to check just in case. Stay tuned.