Pyle Sport Action Cameras

Anyone know the depth rating on these? Wondering if they are appropriate for scuba.

Buried (literally) in the specs for the ones showing the case in the main pic:

Includes Waterproof/Shockproof Case (up to 9 feet)

I would figure it’s the same for the others.

Does anyone know the battery life for this camera?

it says over two hours

I purchased both an action camera (waterproof pink mini) and the bullet camera recently, and can’t seem to get either one to turn on, respond, or even show up on screen when plugged in via usb charger. Wth ! I need to return these. Yes, I followed directions.

that’s the way these pyle units are meant to be, which is that they don’t work.

The photo-shopped race car camera image needs some more work.

You get what you pay for…except some times you don’t.

You mean like make the road stripes on the camera’s image to actually match the color & pattern of the race car’s?

They didn’t even try

lol the fighter pilot

Have you contacted Pyle for warranty service? They should be able to assist you.

Epic! LOL

User review here:


HA… i almost snorted my milk after I saw that picture.

Truly, Pyle is the Invicta of action cams!

That’s not a review! That’s an endorsement!

Be aware that this review is for the PSCHD30, and the ones for sale on woot are the PSCHD60 model. I don’t know how this affects the criticisms made about manufacture quality and video quality, but definitely disregard the price mentioned in the review.

I see no mention of the weight of these things? I’m wondering about using it with a quadcopter.

The woot! sale includes both the 720p (PSCHD30) and 1080p (PSCHD60) versions, the review is for the 720p version.