Pyle Sport Action Cams

Making me wait for time to buy?

I’m really interested BUT finding mounts and accessories for these Pyle cameras is daunting.
I see the mount on this camera, will it work with the bazillion mounts and accessories for GoPro cameras?

Do not buy this Pyle of crap! Bought one a few months ago that did not work from the get go. Woot would not take it back (after the 21 day return window) and Pyle of Crap wanted the broken unit sent to them plus another $20 for return shipping. Not worth it for a $60 purchase. Save your frustration and buy a real GoPro.

I mailed back a broke GearPro to woot the other week and im waiting on results. Although I pray/hope for a refund, I’m afraid they’ll send me a new unit and itll be a total waste of time.

I agree. If you want a GoPro THEN GO GET A GoPro…DO NOT SKIMP, you’ll regret it. :slight_smile: cheers!

whats the battery life on one of these?

I’m going to third this… I’ve contacted PYLE and got nothing back. I’ve been fooled twice in two years by these things. 1st one lasted maybe 8 months… second one bought in September 2014 lasted two weeks. They are junk.

I just got mine in. Should have checked the comments first. It’ll start up but then locks up.

totally random.
Pyle of crap can’t even guess.

sucker!!! this Pyle of CRAP totally SUCKS!!!