Pyle Sport Action Cams

I got one of these cameras about a month ago and beware the name says it all,its a PYLE!!! I have bought many items on woot and I have only been disappointed 1 time and that time was with this pyle 720HD camera.Dont get your hope up if you think you will have a chance to record some great out door memories because you want.Mine records for about 30 min on full battery and when u go to review the photo/video it say CORRUPTED and you have to delete the cameras memory and start the cycle of disappointment over.BEWARE!

im still waiting for my refund from the last sale.

It hasn’t quite made it to us yet. As soon as it’s delivered, allow 7-10 days for us to process the return.

I’ll just add that ALL of the cameras are PYLE branded. Even the ones that are subtly called “eXpo”. They are PYLE as well.

It’s just information. I’m not implying anything. But a PYLE is a PYLE.

I’ve got Pyle mini speakers that are pretty sweet. That speaks nothing to the quality of their cameras of course, just sayin’

Same here. Worst customer service I’ve ever encountered & Woot won’t help at all. Avoid this one entirely.

Can’t believe Woot! is bringing this vendor back. The camera will break & they will have you return it at your own expense and they will never do anything after that. The worst. And by the time you figure that out, Woot! will say it’s beyond their control. Steaming Pyle!

It’s a Pyle of horse dump

Dear Woot/Amazon,
Please stop subjecting your customers to junk offerings like this one. You are not doing yourself or your Woot customer base any favors and eventually this will catch up with you. “Once bitten, twice shy”.

Thanks for the comments here. I was thinking of getting one of the cheap ones, I mean, how bad can it be?

Sounds like they aren’t worth even the shipping cost.

With such bad reviews, I’m always amazed that such items are sold again. Seems like something that should be saved for BOC.

camera is same price on amazon with free shipping!

Bought the GearPro/Pyle 720p model which included more accessories for a family member who wanted a cheap GoPro-ish solution with a screen(Polaroid Cube was too hard to use). It works great, from what I’ve read on Amazon reviews & seen on YouTube the quality control of these are a mixed bag you either get a usable one, a dud battery or the firmware was botched at the factory. I would agree Woot seems to be a dumping grounds for poor/so-so products lately.

Recording wise stick with SanDisk or Lexar Class 10, a family member tried to use a PNY then Centon MicroSDHC and recordings would randomly stop. Upon sticking a SanDisk Ultra into it, recordings were perfectly recorded and auto-spliced by the video length limits it has built-in.

I bought two of these last week. Neither one will take or hold a charge. Also, I notice issues with the mounts, not very stable. I tightened the thumbscrews as tight as I could and it is still too loose.
I just started the return process. After reading comments here, I am not hopeful.
I should have just spent the money and bought a good one.
You get what you pay for…

I contacted Woot customer service regarding a purchase of the Pyle cameras, both of which were DOA. Out of the box, will not charge. Contrary to their return policy, they want me to take it up with the manufacturer as a warranty issue. It has only been 4 days since I received this JUNK and they are giving me the run around already!!!
This is the LAST purchase I will make from WOOT!!