Pyle Sport Electronics

So wouldn’t an MP3 player normally list the size in the specs or am I overlookin it?

I.E. Pyle PSLPWMP5 Waterproof Pedometer and Lap/Calorie Counter with MP3 Player

Those bluetooth HRM & watches can be worn outside of your clothing? Seems like all those strap style HRMs have to be touching your skin. Sometimes, you may need some electrolyte cream to help make a connection.

From the website: *Bluetooth function does not work underwater

So how do you use this for swimming? Is there internal storage?

That is a very good point. There is no internal storage, but it seems like the reviews (at Amazon) are torn on whether it actually works while swimming or not. It seems like the main problem may be a limited range so that swimming laps ends up going too far out of range.

We’ve sold some of these before which may be what you’re looking for. I bought them myself and they do work well while swimming!