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bluetooth range is 33ft ~ 10 meters… a typical pool is 25 meters… I dont think thats going to work…

Edit: Talking about the bluetooth waterproof headphones

A typical commercial/public pool is >10 meters. Most home pools aren’t Olympic size. + If you put whatever is broadcasting the signal in the middle you would have a distance of 10 meters on either side of the pool for a combined coverage of 20 meters. Unless you eat 3.14 pieces of pie before swimming, you’ll be able to reach a good portion of most pools.

Actually the bluetooth headphones most likely won’t work for lap swimming at all. Water pretty effectively blocks most high frequency wireless signals. I doubt it would work for anything other than surfing or something where you’re not completely immersed in water all the time.
I would say the best use case is when you have your phone or mp3 player in a waterproof case and you don’t want to be tethered to it by wired waterproof headphones- but only if you’re staying mostly above the surface of the water.

After buying the Pyle brand action sports cam from Woot a few months back… I can safely say I wouldn’t spend $1 on any of these products. Maybe $1 with free shipping… but that’s about it.

Would the Pyle PGSPW5 Handheld GPS Navigation Sporting unit work as a Geocaching GPS…or would I be better off continuing to try and find one?

Curious mind would like to try Geocaching at least once…

The perspective of someone who wooted a Pyle waterproof speaker a few weeks ago:

The sound quality is fine. I bought it for the shower, and I suppose it might be waterproof. I’ll never know, however, because the range is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen from a Bluetooth device: it starts cutting out at about 5 feet with a wall in between. By contrast, my Logitech UE Boomboxes reliably get somewhere between 25 and 30 feet with 2-3 walls/floors in between, and do even better in wide open space. I can even get an inconsistent but mostly-usable signal at 3 floors and about 35 vertical feet.

The Pyle speaker is sitting in a drawer. Bad purchase.

If the manufacturer’s and Woot’s description say the range is 30’, and it is really 5’, then it sounds like the product is defective and should be returned.

Would you be willing to extrapolate on this?

Sure would:
I wrote this before I found out that the camera that I was complaining about was a tech.woot for the day… This is what I wrote in that thread regarding said camera:

After dropping the $40 or so the last time this was on Woot, I can safely say that it was $40 terribly spent. Pyle is short for “Pyle of Garbage” or whatever swearword you’d like to use.

First off, mine came with a part missing from the car charger. It doesn’t work, so you better charge it via usb on the way to the mountain. (I bought mine for snowboarding) The charge in the real world may last 20 minutes, but I have yet to have it actually work for that long, so I don’t know. And if the camera sits around for a week, battery will be dead anyway. It takes a good hour or more to fully charge.

I’ve taken it to the mountain 3 times now, and it has failed to even turn on 2 of them. That’s pretty bad freekin odds. You get the “busy” light on… and there is no hard reset or battery pull, so tough luck! You have to wait until the battery completely dies to try again. Oh, and if you get the red light of death after you’ve shot some footage, that footage will be gone. I don’t know why it decides to wipe it… but it did.

The colors are very “artistic.” They are very saturated. Honestly, if you’re only threading things together with this cam, they’re not bad. If you can get footage that is. If the subject is more than about 10-12 feet away, you can barely pick them out because of the focal point of the camera and the saturated color. I’ve only shot on the HD… maybe the lesser would be better? If it stays on long enough to tell a difference, I’ll let you know.

The mounts they send are a joke as well. Really, the handlebar mount is the only one worth anything. The helmet mount is a strap that you thread through the air vents on your helmet… really?

I was really excited about this cam when I got it, as it worked great around the house to test it… but it’s failures in the real world would force me to give it a 1 out of 5 stars.

Sorry for the long re-post.

Well thanks, hopefully they will let me cancel my order