Pyle Tablets & Portable Chargers

Crap - I just bought a Chinese made tablet.

Good specs and price, but I would have preferred this brand.

I want a tablet to mount on the wall of my kids’ room so they can basically use it as a music player. Anyone know about speaker quality for these?

No idea on speaker quality (though I’ve yet to see many tabs with great sound) but if you get a tablet with Bluetooth you could pick up also a cheap Bluetooth speaker from one of many woots and have much better sound than tab speakers, while still getting a solid deal on the solution you seek.

good reviews on Amazon;

I think I’m in for 1

The highest end Pyle (PTBL10C) tablet @ ~130$, running at A9 Proc. w/ 3D (not even a A10) does not stand up to the Hisense Pro (M470BSA) running a Tegra 3 at same price + free shipping. Screen resolution and cameras are terrible on Pyle as compared to one another. And will probably take forever to be upgraded to KitKat, unless to put CM10 on it.

Save your money, get the Hisense or 1st Gen Nexus 7.

That’s an A8…sloooooow.

If its anything like the quality of their car stereo gear it should be fairly terrible and blow up within a month.

do the tablets not state resolution and screen type, or am I missing something?

Hrmm…tempting but not convinced I need this yet. Also, file types such as .mobi are not listed.

Happy w/my current laptops and my trusty crusty eeepc. I do use a kindle white, but this tablet doesn’t seem good enough to replace.

PS: Paperwhite is truly an improvement.

IDK about Tablets, but Hisense makes lousy LCD TV’s.

Sears used to carry them but stopped due to the number of returns.

I just received my Aiga M80 8" tablet today which is running Android 4.2.2, 1.5 GHz ARM Quad Core Cortex A9 CPU w/3D, 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 8GB Storage, 1024x768 res., HDMI output, Provision for a 32 GB SD Card, front and rear camera, etc… for $109.00 but I would have preferred a name brand tablet like Pyle, plus the cost of 10" Pyle tablet is comparable to the 8" M80 tablet I just received.

So far, the Aiga M80 tablet looks good and runs well and is fast enough for my needs. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, NFL Rewind, etc…all run great at HD on Full Screen without any stuttering or pixelating.

The Pyle Audio site is completely down at the moment (at least for me here on the East Coast), and I can’t find much info at all on these power banks elsewhere. Has anyone else had better luck? Thanks!

I am more likely to buy this if it had a brand that I didn’t recognize. At least then I would be willing to give a fair chance.

This brand has been know to me for at least the last 20 years as knowingly selling crap, and trying to use brand marketing to overcome reputation.

It is entirely possible that these tablets are just fine, but by putting this brand on them, it tells me they are likely to be awful.

Like McDonalds trying to sell health food. It’s just contrary to what they are known for.

Chalk up another vote for Pyle being garbage. Sorry Woot, but I have to inform my fellow Wooters of what they’re buying.

They’re known for selling low-end low-quality gear…with very questionable dependability.

So, I shouldn’t buy the 7" tablet? Could you point me to a better one for around the same price?

I just bought the 7" ASUS Memo for my aunt. I haven’t used it yet because it arrived today. I haven’t had any problems with the 10" so I’d recommend it. The 7" is 16GB for $99.

Yeah they make the crappiest audio equipment, LOL! Such a PYLE of…


I still don’t see why any marketing department would allow a name like PYLE to stay around long. I just think pile of crap every time I read it.

The reason the name has stuck around is because:

  1. It’s a family name. I happened to cross paths with a member of the family about 20 years ago while in the course of my job. It had nothing to do with their product, just coincidence.

  2. Because there is always some goober (hat sideways, pants hanging low) at the flea market looking to buy some big ass speakers. Since goobers don’t tend to research their purchases especially well, they will buy anything that sounds cool, especially if their buddy has it. With a name like “Pyle Drivers”, it has to be beast, right?

edit: I should clarify, I have nothing against responsible ownership of big-ass speakers. Just advocating for quality. :slight_smile:

I’d like to scoop up one of the Power Banks. The prices are way better than Mophi which I want but rather not spend the cash. Anyone have experience with them or know if they’re any good?

Specs say 300 charges but not sure how long that’d be for me. Also does anyone know what the 5200 mah battery life equivalent in hours is?


Ummm. These are also Chinese-made tablets (or Indonesia or wherever).

These may be made by the same factory that made yours. Pyle just contracted with some manufacturer to slap the Pyle name on their tablets and put them in a box with Pyle graphics on them.

Look at the Pyle site–watches, shaving mirrors, cheap cameras, etc., all with Pyle’s name. Pyle is like Craig or Jensen or any other cheap electronics company.

I spent many years as an audio engineer, and I guarantee you, no professional uses Pyle products.