Pyle Tablets

Bought a couple of these for my wife and I the last time these were offered. Mine came with a busted camera and I had to return it. Hers is fine but rather slow. The screen is fuzzy. Not a great tablet. A good one, but not a great one. If you’re really jonesin for a tablet, then I suppose you could do worse. But not much.

Bought 2 last time for the boys. 1 came DOA, the replacement lasted 4 months, that replacement “works”. Each time, you pay shipping. The original 2nd tab shattered the screen at 5 mos while in a padded backpack. Not only are they not durable, they are fragile. Get anything better. These ain’t worth it.

Just like everything else Pyle makes. If you can’t afford to buy what you want, save your money until you can. Pyle doesn’t deliver, ever.

The only good thing Pyle makes are Amps.

Just opened mine, it seems decent for the money so far. Its not slow but the screen leaves a lot to be desired.

Anyhow, I’m wondering if I should be worried that the tablet won’t charge… Tried many different 2A chargers and many cables I know that can handle 2A. One time use tablet? Haha :[

I have just purchased Pyle PTBL102BCD Astro 10.1 from you, and I am higly dissapointed by it. The sound is VERY, VERY low, it’s impossible to listen nothing - nor music files, neither videos. What can I do with it? Can you give me some advice how to enhance the sound level?
Sincerely yours,

Lasha Kandelaki

You are so right! It’s awful - the sound is so weak it’s impossible to listen anything ((((

I purchased my table and it is not working properly. I am in the middle of having it repaired or replaced with Pyle.

I bought this a while ago now. I needed some time to actually use it because of the fact that it is so terribly slow.
After getting past the slowest cpu in the universe I started critiquing the visuals that I never really stopped critiquing. The screen is horrid. It reminds me of my old win 98 display (because its resolution is 800x600) IT’S AWFUL!

Granted for 50 dollars I wasnt expecting the newest thing out there, but I also wan’t expecting the next closest thing to the electric chair.

All I use this device for is clash of clans. It has a turd of a battery, a turd of a display and an attempt to be a turd for a processor.

I wish I had! Highly disappointing…