Pyle Tablets

Does anyone know if this can be upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat operating system without rooting it?

At these prices, do these tablets have the power to be at all usable? I’m skeptical, but I’d try a 7" if the performance is reasonably snappy. Any experience?

What the f’ does “BT” mean?
Shirley, it’s surely not ‘better than’ Kramer.

Probably Bluetooth.

Does anyone know how good these are and how they compare to other products. Are they cheap because they are way behind on technology, or are the cheap because they are unreliable? (Or both, or something else).

I wouldn’t mind picking on of the cheaper ones up for my kid if it won’t break the moment the box is opened.

Just got my Astro 7" Dual Core in the mail and it doesn’t charge. I’ve swapped cables and outlets and done USB-to-PC and USB-to-adapter, nothing. Woot Customer Service hasn’t responded to my inquiry about how this is going to be handled.
…So don’t get that one, because it has a shelf life of about 2 and a half hours.

Yikes! Thanks for the update. These sell for about the same price on Amazon (aka the owners of Woot), and that is a steady complaint—they don’t charge. Some people seem happy enough with them. Sounds like quite a gamble though, no wonder they are cheap!

I purchased two of the PTBL102BCD tablets about 6 months ago from Woot! and they have given me NO problems whatsoever. A lot of people have negative opinions of Pyle products, but the truth be told, they come out of the same factories that many of the name-brands come out of. They are less expensive because Pyle doesn’t spend millions of dollars in advertising which is passed-on to the consumer. The two tablets I purchased are awesome, and considering the features on these tablets vs. the price, they represent a tremendous value. I’d buy these again without a second thought.