Pyle Video Borescope

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this particular model. The single review on Amazon wasn’t very reassuring. I’ve had the idea to get one of these in the back of my head for a while now.

Putting one in the back of your head will not help. You must use your eyes…

Nice that it has a built in flashlight, but it would seem to me to be fairly useless unless it also has LEDs at the business end of the cable. It doesn’t say that it does, and there is no picture of the end of the cable.

Hey all - i did buy this last time it was up, and it works well for the most part, i had to take it appart to tighten up the washer/nut that holds the 3 pin connector as that was very lose and wouldn’t hold tight to the device. but really it was a few screws on the handle and bout 5 mins or work not a big deal.

camera works good, but keep in mind i think it’s meant to be focused on a range between 1 - 12 inches from the lens. Also for those wondering it does have LED’s on the camera end as well, the brightness is adjustable on the handle with a spinwheel.

i use mine for looking in crawl spaces and drains, and generally anywhere you need to look in a small space that is dark, you ear hole and nose holes included…it’s like the first thing people do when you show them this…

I logged in to woot just to see it the forums had an upvote or kudos system. That last part made me laugh.

how long is the boresnake? Can you use it to inspect drain lines?

Found it hiding in the features.

Shaft Cable Length: 40" inch