Pyle Water-Resistant Bluetooth Headphones

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Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones
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I might be interested if they would show the OTHER SIDE of the things - you know, the part that sticks in your ear?

Time to check out the product page and lets learn all about Pyle

Can’t speak to this model specifically but I bought another Pyle waterproof bt headset for swimming…despite all the Amazon reviews warning that they were awful I jumped anyhow…cut out when submerged and fit was less than ideal. Would not recommend for that use…

This may be showing my ignorance but if they are Bluetooth why the wire?

The wire is probably so that both ear pieces share a single battery, antennae, charger port, etc

I bought a pair the last time they were offered. I had them 2 months before one side stopped working.

These are not waterproof. Product page says IP64 rating, which means splash proof – i.e. water resistant. Not meant to handle immersion.

Headphones for swimming need to have on-board storage/mp3 playback capability. You’ll never be able to do laps with bluetooth streaming.

If I had to get one for swimming at this point, it would be this one.

I had a very similar form-factor from a company called Ubanana (now defunct) but it was the perfect swimming companion for me for about 3 years.

I bought these last time. They are garbage. If your phone is further then 1 foot away it cuts in and out. It wouldn’t work as far away as my pocket.

I bought these the last time they were up. I was looking for some bluetooth headphones to use at the gym. I am not swimming with them, but I do get pretty sweaty. However I was extremely disappointed with these. They have a very cheap plasticy feel, so I was concerned about how long they would last. Turns out I was right to be concerned. After two uses they refused to turn on. I figured that the battery was just dead, however no amount of time on the charger would work. Complete junk.

I don’t see how these could be over $100 headphones normally. If they worked more than twice, the $20-$30 range is all I would consider paying, considering how cheaply made they feel and are. If I were you I wouldn’t waste my money on these!

Personally I ended up buying a nicer sport pair of headphones with adjustable cord lengths from Woot, not sure which brand right now, and picked up a $30 bluetooth receiver off of Amazon. Much nicer and works much better than this garbage!

Bought these back in May I think for when they were first offered as a woot. I used them daily during my commute and around the house. After about 2 months one side stopped working and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for more than 10 minutes. Too bad. I really liked them while they worked.

I’ve bought 2 different Pyle waterproof headphones from Woot. The Bluetooth set is a different model but still Pyle. They work fine if you keep your head out of the water. I placed my phone in the middle of a 25m lane and was able to aqua jog with no compromise of sound, you just can’t go underwater with these.

For underwater, you need MP3 because the Bluetooth signal will not transmit underwater. I subsequently bought a Pyle waterproof MP3 player from Woot which I like a lot and can be worn for underwater swimming.

My complaint: the ear bud part of the waterproof MP3 player comes off (and can get stuck in your ear…my lifeguard said he’s had to pry a few out of people’s ears) very easily. I haven’t had a problem with the bud getting terribly stuck in my ear (carry some tweezers in my swim bag though) but one of the waterproof buds fell off and I lost it. Now I can’t use the player (sitting on my computer desk in front of me right now) because I don’t know where to buy replacement buds. Last week I emailed Pyle about this. Reply was received promptly that they will look around and see if they have a pair and give me a call. That was a week ago…crickets…Pyle?

I’ve purchased 2 different bluetooth headphones over the years as I like to run wireless.

However, each time one side stopped working after a month or two. Sounds like, from other comments, these have the same problem?

Can anyone else comment? I’d like to have some robust ones and the ‘water proofeyness’ of these sound promising.

I bought these previously as well. I wanted to use them for running, as I find having a cord flopping around annoying. I used them a few times and wanted to ditch them in the street. Sound would occasionally cut in and out even with my phone just a foot or two away in my hand. The worst part, however, was that they wouldn’t stay in my ear once I started moving. Unless you’ve got elf ears the top loops don’t do a damn thing, and once a bit of sweat gets on the rubber caps they will start to slip out of your ears (I tried them all). Might be ok for sitting around or walking, but nothing more.

Anyone can have mine. They are so small, they might fit a doll. Seriously, I understand they have to be tight enough to stay on, but the ends press directly into your skull. They could also be used as vise grips.

I bought these last time around, and while they sound surprisingly good and work fine out of the water (even with your head above water). Once you submerge your head, they lose Bluetooth signal. The signal comes back, but it is kind of annoying. Good for the jacuzzi or the beach with your phone in a dry pouch nearby, but not made for doing laps or going far from your phone with a Bluetooth signal.

Microphone capabilities work pretty well. Callers couldn’t tell I was using a wireless headset.

I say you get what you pay for. I still haven’t found a long range Bluetooth set of headphones that I can actually swim with.

last pic on the page. It’s the kind that sticks IN your ear. Not a flush speaker.