Pyle Waterproof 4GB Video Recorder

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Pyle Waterproof 4GB Video Recorder
$54.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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where is all the bacon?

cough Still have cough a warehouse cough full of cough stuff cough to sell cough

got it before you could fix it LOL


thunder, you and I are the only ones making memes lol

This is not the GoPro I was looking for…

By the way TT, I am actually frying up some bacon at 3 in the morning because of all of our posts on the subject…

Would that be a warehouse full of bacon-related items?

You could share. There’s not many of us here.

I’v been looking for a deal on a gopro for a while now. Hey thunder could you add that to the list of stuff we want from woot but probably wont get?

Uhm… no.

This is TOTALLY bacon relevant! You can record videos as you do some extreme, total-immersion, deep-fat bacon frying!

Well, dang. I kinda knew the answer to that one, but sometimes you just gotta ask…

Got any bacon to share, iissurf?

Last Christmas Woot had a sale on them. I wish they would do it again! I bought one and wish I could have bought a few more.

And TT, if you’re adding to the list, I’d love another inversion table like was posted about a month ago…

Noted. I’m kinda wishing I’d bought one too.

Thank you!

so you got both or just his? I just want to make sure the gopro gets on the list.

Like this?