Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Got one 3 months ago, Would play for 30 minutes off a 24hr charge. Didn’t matter if I used the speaker or not, the battery would be depleted after a full charge within 24 hrs. So, after I used it in shower for like 5-10mins, I would immediately have to plug it up to be able to use it the next day. This lasted ~3 weeks. Only water exposure was in the shower. Now won’t charge/play at all. It does have a one year warranty but you have to pay shipping/handling for the defective item and for the replacement(around $25, total). I haven’t decided if am going to invest in getting another sent to me that might also be defective.

Really? I think there are probably plenty of people who would like to pay 18% less even if they have to wait a few extra days for the item to arrive.

I have to agree, Hard to beat the return policy of AmazzingZon

I bought one of these during the last sale and I’m seriously thinking of buying another one even though I really don’t have a need for it. I got this to use with my phone so I could listen to music and podcasts while I’m working without having to plug in any wires.

For comparison, I used to use a Logitech s715i (older version with no Bluetooth) when I had an iPhone, which I really like. However, I now have an HTC One, so I had to use an audio cable with the s715i. The s715i has better sound for music, but then it’s also at least twice the size and weight of the Pyle Speaker. I find the Pyle Speaker great for podcasts and very good for sound. I’m not listening at room-shaking levels though. I’ve had no issues pairing with my phone, my laptop and my desktop (using a 4.0 Bluetooth Adapter on the latter two).

I am very impressed with the battery life. I can listen for over eight hours on a charge during a work day - with a few breaks in there. I’ve never had it completely run out of juice. Charging it via the USB cable to a USB port takes a few hours. I usually charge it with the charger for my Kindle or my HTC one, and that takes a little more than an hour with either one. (The s715i runs five to six hours on a charge, and emits a horrible noise as it dies from low battery.)

Most people seem to be having issues with the distance they can be from the speaker. Most of the time, I’m only a few feet away, but I can get around 20 feet away with my phone before the Bluetooth connection drops. As soon as I get back in range, the connection is restored. Basically, YMMV.

If I’m working on a project around the house, I pair up the speaker, start up a playlist on the phone and put the phone in my pocket. Then I just carry the speaker around to wherever I need to be and set it down. I can’t say anything about how waterproof it is; I didn’t buy it for that.

Got several of these last time. Good sound and volume. Not finicky and really durable. Great value.

I also purchased one of these BT speakers during a prior woot sale. I am very pleased with it. The only thing missing is a line-in feature to permit use from non-BT devices. Other than that… happy, happy, happy.

I bought one from Woot a few weeks ago, and haven’t opened it. I do not plan to use it, because my buddy had just gotten me a similar bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, I am passed the 14 day mark and cannot return this product. If anyone would like to purchase it from me, please let me know. I will sell if for the same price that woot is selling it for. Like I said, it is still in the original box it came in, and I have never opened it. If you would like to help me out and purchase it from me, please send me a private message. Thanks!

So i got the Green and Gold combo about 6-8 month ago through woot.

i actually use it in the shower…
it has been perfect so far… nice rich sound… seems to be water proof enough…good battery life…all in all very pleased

my only complaint is that its beginning to rust on the bottom…

I picked one up last time and it has lived in my shower since. I’ve never fully submerged it but it’s been directly under running water plenty of times. Dropped it a whole bunch of times too from about 4 feet. Good sound quality and never the need for full volume. pairs no problem with my laptop galaxy SIII, or my roommates iphone. Good battery life. This thing and a waterproof phone case fixes almost any musical ADD.

Hi all,
Good comments above, I’m seeing possibly sketchy bluetooth range and maybe battery issue. Couple questions:

  • I’m looking to use this by a pool, reports on sound are good, will this be loud enough to hear while people are spashing around?
  • Ok for splashes but not submersion, got it, but how about direct sunlight? Put in shade to be safe?
  • If battery dies I assume it can play while plugged in?
  • Can I get TWO and have them both working from same device at same time? Say both sides of pool?

Thanks all.

Have the right expectation and you may be just fine- but make sure you aren’t expecting much.

I bought one of these last year and use it at out beach house. For outdoor use I think there must be better options but for the money it does work. The range is unbelievably bad - i’d say about 5-8 ft is the max. For example, If I am driving my golf cart and it’s in the dash compartment my phone in the pocket is too far- it cuts in and out. So I place the phone next to it and it works.

Same thing at the beach- I have to put the phone in a beach bag or something right next to the speaker and it works.

The sound is far from hi-fi but it serves a purpose. It is also not very loud in an outdoor setting where ambient noise such as waves, etc are around. I’m not looking to rock the beach but for example I would estimate the sound is audible for probably a 10-12 ft radius only.

This speaker is probably best for use in the shower I would guess- although I’ve not done that.

Bought one of these a few months ago and was not that impressed with volume or Bluetooth range. Resold it. Buy this for being resistant to water. You can do better with other speakers. Specifically, the Groupon Goods $29.99 Bassboomz when that deal is on. Unbelievable, that.

I bought one a few months back on the last Woot appearance, and it works very well. We use it outside while we’re in our hot tub. It connects well, has a decent range throughout my house, and has great sound. Seems very durable with the rubber case that surrounds it, and the battery life has been great. Great price for a good bluetooth speaker.

Just so you know, these are “spashproof” - not “waterproof”. The Owners Manual (Page 2) says in part:
5. Do not use the apparatus in places that are extremely hot, cold, dusty or humid.
6. Do not keep the apparatus in a high humidity area such as a bathroom, kitchen sink
or pool. Keep the apparatus away from heaters, stoves, etc. Never leave the
apparatus in an area exposed to direct sunlight where there could be a considerable
rise in temperature.
7. The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing, and no objects filled
with liquids such as vases, should be placed on the apparatus.

Bought one for camping, and while I haven’t had to test water proofness, the thing handles dust and vibration just fine. Good sound and battery life, meh on the BT, but when you are camping the phone is right there anyways.

solid thumbs up.

I bought one of these last time.
It is fantastic! Very good quality and works flawlessly.

Bought one for kayaking. We’ll see how it holds up!

I bought one the last time it was up in December and I have loved it. Pairs well with my iPhone and Macbook Air. The sound is fantastic!

Does anyone know how well this would fit in a water bottle cage on a bike? I would enjoy listening to music on my bike rides, but headphones are just dangerous on the highways.

If the construction worker in the description picture can hear this thing while wearing hearing protection AND using that grinder, this thing must be LOUD!!!