Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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**Item: **Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New

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Bought one of these last time they were up. Very easy to use, clever design. Decent sound for a small brick speaker. Use it sailing with anx iphone.

Don’t bother. Bought this same speaker (sans waterproofness) earlier this year. No problem with the sound…but connection would drop as soon as I moved by BT device 5 feet from the speaker. Woot was very friendly and prompt with the refund…but the Pyle product was a pile. Packaging and instructions very low-budget…as if they made these specifically for bargain/deal-a-day websites.

waterproof…or WATERPROOF
Could I drop this in my pool and listen to music while I swim, IOW, underwater?

While this doesn’t have much bluetooth range, I’m thrilled with mine and ordering more for gifts. This thing goes on whitewater rafting trips and doesn’t even get scared. This brick rocks.

Would this work as a shower speaker?

Yes. :slight_smile:

I bought the black version of this on a previous sale at woot. This is not to be submerged. I repeat NOT TO BE SUBMERGED. (if you want it to continue to work anyways…) It’s designed to survive some medium height drops and being splashed by water. Marine grade speaker designation just means that it can be in a damp environment without ruining the speaker, (i.e. not a wooden or particle board housing and limited rubber seals for electrical protection). I use it in my shower and outside around the pool and it sounds pretty good in both environments. It’s a bit heavier than I expected it to be but it just makes it feel solid.

It says waterproof … they are good for about 2 seconds submerged in water. Found that out when proving to a friend that they are waterproof.

I’d say “Water resistant” is a safer approach to take.

I bought this the last time around, adding to my collection of bluetooth speakers (I have bought three others from woot in the past few months).

I like this Pyle speaker, and would consider buying another. I use it on my boat for worry-free tunes. It is plenty loud and the sound is actually pretty good for a small speaker. Not quite the bass response of the Pill or Jambox, but at 1/3 the price who is arguing?

The thing is built like a tank - very heavy and bulkier than the Pill or Jambox. It has a nice ring for hanging (in the shower, from a pole outside, wherever). It is also coated with very heavy non-skid rubber, which is great when setting and forgeting it.

My sole complaint is the wonky volume buttons. The same button also acts as a song-forward trigger, and you have to hold it to raise or lower the volume. Inevitably you end up skipping the song you were trying to turn up.

Otherwise, it is a solid performer. Literally.

That would drive me crazy.

Same here. Mine has lived on the boat all season and still going strong. (It may get some spray but not submerged.) It also provides tunes for dinghy rides but gets drowned out by the motor at higher speeds.

The sound quality is eh but I like not having to worry. Does well for audiobooks on longer trips.

Wish mine was a brighter color as sold here today.


Also got one on woot. Battery lasts a LONG time. Loud. Rugged.

Does it have 3.5mm input as well? Or only bluetooth?

No 3.5mm input.