Pyle Weatherproof Digital Video Recorder

Time to go get an energy drink so I can watch this sale all day since it appears to be another woot off =) please be more than 1 knife this woot off.

the name says it all. PYLE of crap.

Buy GOPRO or go home

well I was going to stay up but now I think i’ll hit the hey. See you guys in a little bit.

Wish I had the funds for this…

Great cameras for strapping to a metal detector to document hunts and finds of treasure (or bottle caps and garbage). Stop being slobs on the beach. Pick up your garbage, savages.

You can record in the rain but not in the pool/ocean.

my god, im tired
please buy these fast
I’ve stayed up all evening
and gone on a fast

I’m hungry and tired
but haven’t yet seen
the screaming monkey
that ive seen in my dreams

im sure that the moment
that i will sign off
the howling primate will appear

I NEED one of these. The local bike shop sells them as bike cams. They’re REALLY useful for getting the license plate of that jerk who tried to run you over, etc.

Guys, this thing’s a Pyle.

But where will you mount it?

Ok I am very curious as to who bought 3 of these cameras.

on the steam rod of course… don’t you know anything about steamy videos?

Would you, could you, on a plane?

Would you, could you, on a train?

James Cameron for Titanic II, Jack’s Fate, in 3D?

Does this Pyle fit in a bag of crap?

I haven’t ordered anything from Woot in a few years. Please change that and put up some dirt (preferably Todd’s), police woot off lights, some good headphones, or an external hard drive.


Bad news is…they don’t take requests…I’ve tried…

How long will it record, hours or just a few minutes?