Pyle Wireless IP Cameras

The Pyle camera should be easy to set up but it is a big pain and we have not been able to set up and link to Ivideon (the site you are supposed to). Id return it if I could! Dont buy it!

Don’t. Just Don’t. Hindsight being 20/20 is the best viewing you will get from any of these. I purchased the xx8 and xx15. xx15 is the only one working with any consistency and that is less then 50%. The 2 xx8 I have running are both now pointing straight up and will no longer connect even after power cycles.

Run Woot must be stuck with these. I must say Woot did me solid since one out of three worked when I received them ( I bought one of each). A day later that one died. I contacted PYLE for support no answer until I blasted them on an Amazon review.
Spent a few more dollars I have a swann system running awesome and so easy to set up.