Pyle Wireless IP Cameras

How many users can connect at once?

I purchased a few of these thinking it was a great deal. Problem is every time there is any loss of power or you hold your tongue wrong they lose their configuration and you have to take them down and physically reconnect them to the network. Also even though they are supposed to have unique codes. When I entered the code for one of my cameras I was actually looking into someones home that was not mine. Resetting the camera did not help I was still looking somewhere I probably should not have. I changed the default password on the remote camera with random characters. That way it would force them to reset their camera. That worked and I was able to then see my camera. Problem is who else is looking at my cameras. Even with the default password changed. Currently only one of the four cameras I purchased is even working. The remaining 3 are powered up but it keeps telling me I have the wrong password. So I assume someone changed it for me as well. All four of these cameras are being used in very non-sensitive areas outside our home. At least they are great dummy cameras. Save your money and buy something that actually works.

Thanks for the review. I have been looking for something to watch the dogs while I’m at work. Guess I’ll keep looking.

I purchased the PIPCam8 on Woot! about a month ago. Big regrets. While the hardware construction is good, the software is absolutely terrible. Difficult to install on Windows 7 PC, clunky on Android phone. The viewing app is poorly designed, some of the interface written in Chinese and much of it in poorly written English. Tech support has emailed me a couple times with the cursory “how do you like our product?” follow-up, but with no response with solutions to my requests for assistance.

Pyle points users to a couple of third-party Web apps for viewing remotely, but these companies quickly upsell you to paid version if, for some unseemly reason, you just might want to view your cam from outside of your home network – which, I assume, is what most users would want to do.


December 15, 2015 update to my April 10th review, which was about a month after I purchased this P.O.S.: my Pyle PIPCam8 finally (and thankfully!) died last week. Just stopped operating altogether. But that’s a good thing in the end, because now I am a free person again, no longer bound to my PC or my cell phone trying to get their crappy software to work. Tech support is P.R.-inspired lip service only, with no real solutions offered. That’s because it’s a useless system. And oh, by the way, if you’re fluent in Mandarin, that will help you navigate their crappy software app. Otherwise, you’re S.O.L. So, nine months later, I repeat: AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!!!