Pyle Wireless IP Cameras

WOOOOOT! Listen, Question… Can you add POE cameras by the same manufacturer. I mean, for security sake, my POE router is on UPS. If someone really wants in, they would cut the power. Like the power to YOUR home… then come in through the back door. Not a single camera will capture a single movement. But mine will. Don’t knock at my back door with the power out… I will still see you com… Damn, coax too? grrr.

I bought four of these pipcam8’s on woot and wound up having to return one of them to Pyle. I sent the camera back with the receipt and required $10 for repair and just received the replacement this week. Same exact problem and for all I know, same exact camera. It won’t start up. Something is wrong is with the plug in and in review, I’ve seen this complaint in other forums. I’m going to be out another $10 to get this fixed and at this point, I am getting frustrated. I don’t know that I would suggest using these cameras.

The software on these is kind of a hot mess, but after taking the time to wade through the redundant menus and bad translations, I now have 4 of them set for motion sensing capture and sending attachments via email. The seem to work well, and I can even monitor them from anywhere (you have to set up a vpn into your home network, the software doesn’t help with this part). They are a mixed bag, but a decent solution for the price. I bought 2 from woot, then found that it’s actually cheaper to order them from Amazon prime since I didn’t have to pay tax or shipping.

Anybody have these working with ZoneMinder? Just video would be something, but PTZ would be awesome.

I agree with the previous comment, please sell more devices with standards-based POE support!