PylePro Musical Instruments

The Banjo in the picture is missing its bridge.

Also, it says 5 string banjo, but only has 4 tuning pegs… This is odd.

And my recommendation for any instrument is if it’s cheap, it probably isn’t the best to learn on because it makes the learning process a pain in the butt. If you’re planning on learning guitar or something, try to go for the 150 range for decentness. Also, the Jasmine guitars by takamine are A-OK. Best in the less than 150 range.

It’s a banjo. The fifth string starts at the fifth fret. The tuning peg is at the fourth fret. It’s white-on-white in the photo so it’s a little hard to see.

does this come with a case?

Banjo is $150 on Amazon. Seems like a decent discount.

I believe that a lot of these instruments (such as the black & white electric guitar) were at one point in the early 2000s sold under the First Act label at Wal-Mart stores, primarily on the impulse-purchase gift racks between the first bank of registers and the main entrance.

I had the guitar. Truss rod wasn’t set properly from the factory, which I had to repair. That isn’t really an end user thing to repair, so I’d consider the fact that it needed it to be something of a black mark in this case.

The ukulele (PYLE-PRO PUKT15NT) is only discounted $0.72 off the price over at Amazon. What the heck, Woot?

Plus, I am a Prime member, so I’d get free two day shipping. Here, I’d pay $5 and maybe get it in a week.

In the end, it would cost me $4.28 more to get it here and it would arrive slower.

So, again I ask, what the heck, Woot?!?!

Sad to say but this is more evidence of woot watering down the site with so many “deals”

Hey everyone, I’m wanting to learn how to play the guitar. Is this a good deal? 39" Beginner Acoustic Guitar Package

I’m going to be brutally honest here and go with; no. I know it’s a ‘steal’ at 55 dollars for all that stuff (bag, tuner, picks, etc) but I’ve been playing guitar for ~15 years and it would be 20 now if I didn’t start with a cheap-o guitar.

I played and old ‘Eco’ when I started, and it was just so difficult to play with ridiculously high action that wouldn’t stay in tune and a rough raised fretboard.

I haven’t played this model, but you get what you pay for. And if you don’t enjoy playing it, then well, you won’t play it. Save up ~300 dollars and go to your local guitar store. Play a bunch of guitars and see which ones you like best!!

Pigs are flying, and hells are freezing over. Woot is offering a bass guitar! And it looks pretty sharp, too.

Thank you so much for the advice!!

I disagree, I think you can go cheaper than $300 for a starter. I probably wouldn’t go for these particular ones on woot, but I had a Jasmine S35 by Takamine for less than $100 and it played pretty great. It’s the first result on amazon for acoustic guitar, it goes for $75. Mine played fine out of the box, but if it doesn’t, you can get it setup for like $30 at a music store. If you want to go a step up, the Yamaha FG700S for $199 is also pretty great. It’s the one I currently play, and I have read nothing but good things from others who have it.

No, if you want a good beginner acoustic then go to Musician’s Friend and spend $99 to $200 on a name brand guitar and buy yourself a guitar tuner as well. These are crap and you will be sorry if you purchase any of them. Something like this is what I would suggest:

I was thinking almost the same thing! Kudos to Woot for finally including the bass players in one of these sales.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in having a Ukulele that cannot be shipped to Hawaii?

Ukulele that doesn’t ship to Hawaii? Better watch out Woot. Don Ho will rise from his grave and Zombie Crunch ya. Yaaaaa Budddddy !!

I wish Woot would offer some left handed instruments :confused:

I’ll throw in my two cents here…

I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years, as well. I started on a Johnson, I believe, which had action high enough to be brutal to my hands. While I regret not having a barely decent guitar for performing in high school, having a guitar with higher action does work your hands out a bit more, though I understand the argument about quitting due to frustration. Maybe I was just determined. But the idea that you’ve got to start on a very good guitar just isn’t true, at least in my case.

Also, what if you find out that you don’t like playing, even if it’s on a Yamaha, Ibanez or Epiphone? Now you’re out 300 bucks on a perfectly-good-but-now-used name brand guitar. The first few weeks of guitar are the hardest, and if you’re willing to learn on junk, then you’ll probably stick with a better instrument. I dunno. That’s just me.

Regarding this brand, I bought the classical guitar offered half a year ago, and it’s not bad. It’s not great compared to my Taylor or Martin, but it’s perfect for a “don’t worry about it if it gets bumped” guitar. I keep it at my office and it works fine for when I pick it up and play it once a week or so. It doesn’t stay perfectly tuned, but, again, it was 50 bucks.

EDIT: It wasn’t Pyle. It was a Spectrum guitar.