Pyranna Plastic Package Opener



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Pyranna Plastic Package Opener
condition: New

$3.99 + $5 shipping


why. i have my own teeth to open things…


$40 says it comes in the hard to open plastic…


…pocket knife anyone?


hmm, maybe. opinions?


Now if I could just get something to open the packaging for this…


can i put my fingers in there and cut me nails?


That would be funny


A package opener…but it will come inside of a package…the irony makes it not worth it (plus shipping is more than the item)


Are we seriously this lazy in America? It’s called a pair of scissors people!

Oops, I need to get going and clean my solar turkey chopper for Christmas time.

Peace out.


Wow I’ve always wanted one of these.

First sellout


Can’t seem to find a lower price for it… Eh… Don’t really need though.


Still tryin to figure out if I really need this… I ALREADY bought the HOLE for my head!


Last thing I expect to see is a comment that somone is in for 3. I often have ideas for things that I think should be patented that no one else thinks is all that desirable…then I see this.


Got one - Don’t work

Sister got one - Don’t work

Mom got one - Don’t work

Simply junk


screw it, I’m in for two. wants 10 bucks each for em plus 3 dollars shipping. this is a two for one deal plus a buck! why not. I buy enough crap that comes in those packages. might as well buy some crap that will open my other crap.


Its a good name for something that just begs to slice your fingers.


seriously, I am in for 3, those packages are dangerous, I have cut my fingers on that stuff twice. I saw a guy at best buy who got 5 stitches from a slice on one of those


I am in for one. I suggested this ahwile back. It looks like it would be a lot easier than a knife or scissors. Besides it helps to protect us from fighting with a knife or scissors.