Pyrex 10-Piece Storage Set

**Item: **Pyrex 10-Piece Storage Set
Price: $12.99
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Condition: New

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Did someone say Pyrex??? I love Pyrex, I use a Pyrex product pretty much every day. I use them for storage and lunches. They are easy to clean (I hand wash) and are very easy to take straight from the fridge to the microwave/oven

Nice variety of sizes. Pyrex always makes good stuff, I’ve never had a problem with it.

Very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

Ahhhhhh . . . the beauty of a clear container with the ability to go in the microwave OR oven, coupled with the inertness of glass and the convenience of a lid . . .

What’s not to love???

Excellent price, I keep them on hand for wedding/shower gifts.

You are a very good person and a very thoughtful giver!

I literally bought this exact set two days ago from Target for $17.99. These are great, everyone should have them instead of plastic.

I’m Torn. I just bought the “8 Piece” bowl set when that came on sale.

Im not sure I need more…but I kinda want more anyways.

Also ‘10 Pieces’ Pyrex? Really? You make good products. You don’t need to artificially fluff the counts to make it sound better.

Just got my order of two sets of the Pyrex bowls. Both sets are factory seconds. Each piece of glass has problems with it. One piece has a huge bubble in the glass that burst in the heating process, so it looks like a chip, but in reality it is a malformed piece. I don’t see anywhere that the sets were factory seconds. Feeling really upset that both sets are poor quality.

Were they marked as seconds? Please let me know if so.

These have a Pyrex warranty. Please contact them and they will help you. I’ve heard good things about their customer service.