Pyrex 10-Piece Storage Set

**Item: **Pyrex 10-Piece Storage Set
Price: $12.99
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I say this a lot but I love my Pyrex. They are extremely versatile and I use them everyday for everything from lunches to leftovers. I hand wash mine although they would be fine in the dishwasher. They are oven (or Cuisinart toaster over) safe. I have two sets in my cupboard and have my third set being shipped to me as we speak

Very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

Great stuff. Fix it, freeze it, zap it, serve it, store it.

If I didn’t already have so much Pyrex from these fantastic deals at Woot, I would buy more !

There is nothing bad that can be said about Pyrex. It’s the best.

…though I will quibble over a product description which claims each of the lids as “pieces” to inflate the piece count. That’s just silly.

First off Pyrex, you make great products. You don’t need to do any puffing by calling this a ‘10 Piece Set’.

That being said I have become a huge fan of Pyrex. I bought a prior ‘8 piece set’ and use it constantly. I am buying this now as we speak.

I have the rectangular 3cup containers and they leak when you use the regular lid. If this deal had the no-leak lid I would be all over it. Still, they work great for anything non liquid. I like to bake a half-pie in it and then just throw a lid on and take it to go.

Pyrex glass containers are far superior to plastic for freezing and nuking leftovers. The plastic lids are perfect.

With Prime shipping it’s a penny cheaper on Amazon:

Only if you’re only planning to purchase one.

Unfortunately the plastic lids do not hold up over time. They get brittle and crack. (never microwaved)

These are quite nice, but double-check the sizes, they are bigger than they look in the picture. This can either be good or not good, depending on your expectations.

**Hey look ! **

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Great way to really stock up on pyrex and make the most of the $5 ship for a shopping cart load.