Pyrex 17pc Easy Grab Set

49.99 on amazon with good reviews.

Model # 1093834 same as today, before on home.woot.

I have the two sets that comprise this set. Good stuff.

Got this set the last time it was offered on woot and couldn’ be more pleased.
The plastic lids have been run through the dishwasher many times and still fit well, and most all of the pieces have gotten used on a weekly basis. One of my best “practical” woots.

Pyrex rocks, I’ve got a boatload of this stuff to supplant all of te plastic storage I threw away & couldn’t be more pleased.

I have enough pieces to bake in. However, I sure could use a set of mixing bowls. If you all buying this set are looking to get rid of the big bowl feel free to send them my way. :slight_smile:

I ordered this months ago and u couldn’t even open the box it was nothing but broken glass. I contacted woot and they never replaced it nor did they refund the money.

I want this set very much, but I bought so much Lock n Lock storage sets in the last year that I have no room. Like none :frowning:

World Kitchen Covers the lifetime warranty. You will have to find a brick and mortar store though.

Sorry about that. Our records indicate we have not received any emails from you. It may have gotten lost in cyberspace. :frowning:
I’m sending you a PM with some options.

I hope that gets resolved. It just put an end to my ordering any.

Service@woot will take care of you. Sometimes email gets lost in cyberspace, spam folders, etc. Sometimes they come from a different email than the account and it’s hard for us to put two and two together.

Just always include your account name and order number to speed things up. And feel free to email again if you don’t hear back in a about 48-business hours.

They sure wouldn’t send glass without proper packaging. You will have to hope your local UPS facility treats packages with care. HAHHAHHAHHAHHAH. I would say the package referred to above was definitely drop shipped. Woot will take care of it anyway. They are very good to work with…

Love this Easy Grab set! I got one from Woot when they offered previously. I wanted it for the glass bowls and the additional Pyrex pieces I didn’t already have. Been used at least weekly for the past several months and held up great. Definitely worth the money!

It says that all the pieces are “Bakeware Material: Glass”. Has anyone ever used any of the round bowls in the oven or under broiler?
I’d like some serving size bowls that can go under the broiler for dishes like french onion soup.
Do-able with this set?

Also, does the glass that is not touching food heat up in the microwave?

Pyrex is not broiler safe.

Sorry, I call Shananagins. Hard to put two and two together? How hard is it to respond to the person you got the email from and ask what their woot account name is?

You can just say “we mess up sometimes” and that sounds a lot more reasonable than thinking woot is staffed with people that throw up their hands at the littlest obstacle.

I bought these the last time they were on woot. I love my set so far.