Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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We bought other Pyrex like this (all blue lids) a while back, and the only problem I’ve seen is that the rubber lids crack on the bottom lip - which means the seal isn’t as strong. Otherwise, we’re big fans!

Where’s wine woot gone??

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Have you contacted Pyrex? I hear they’re good about replacements.

Anyone know the diameter of these?

How do I love Pyrex, let me count the ways. Seriously, I LOVE Pyrex!!! They are so versatile, I use them every single day. This set was the very first set I purchased and it is the perfect starter set. I use some of the smaller ones for leftovers and lunches and the bigger ones for chopped fruits and vegetables. If you are unsure about this purchase do it!! You will not forget it!

And look how they nest!

These things rock. I dumped all my plastic miscellaneous containers that I used to pack my lunch in, and just use these. I never put the lids in the dishwasher, and so far they have held up great. One lid warped a little when my wife microwaved something with the lid on, but it still holds the seal. Highly recommended.

Here is a comparable set on Amazon. Would have liked to get one or two of the rectangular ones.

Definitely grabbed a set of these from Woot tho!

That was what I was counting on.

No Colorado buyers yet?

I hear Pyrex is excellent for storing WEED!

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This deal doesn’t seem Woot-worthy to me. Walmart has a 20-piece for $25, which is slightly cheaper considering shipping from Woot…

[MOD: No way to compare set sizes. Walmart’s description doesn’t match photo.]

Will a large one nest/stack in a large one, or do you have to make 2 stacks of them each with a smaller container inside?

Two stacks. The large one will not nest with the other large one.

These sets are Wootalicious !
I have 2 from a previous offering. I have had them for over a year and they are like new. I hand wash the lids.

I make a lot of soup and I use the orange lid size to portion and freeze it. Perfect.
The rest are used for everything as I try not to use plastic anymore.

Word of advice: These have sold out every single time they have been offered in the past. If you want them, pull the trigger early.
I’m actually thinking of getting another set or two. One for me one for a gift. I need to remember to take my own advice or I’ll be sorry.

Are the lids also nested inside with the dishes? Or do you have them stored separately?

Pyrex rocks. Until now I only had individual pieces, not a whole set. Massively useful, don’t nuke the lids, I do machine wash (top rack) the lids with no problem. If transporting very liquid-y contents throw a saran wrap “gasket” between dish & lid. Makes a great practical wedding gift, buy an extra one for when you’ll need a gift.

The map looks like Washington is “ablaze.”

I bought 2 of these over a year ago based on comments at that time. They are AWESOME! I was able to get ride of all but my most favorite other containers (we aretalking 2 cabinets fullof junk plastic). One of my big bowls broke the very first time I had it in the dishwasher but Pyrex replaced it when I emailed the help info in the box. Nothing to note since then. I wash the lids in the top shelf of the dishwasher and they are fine-no cracks, etc. One of tha largest lids warped but it was after hubby left the thing in the microwave too long. It still seals, it just isn’t as flat for stacking in the fridge now. I highly recommend them and may get a couple more of them.

I love these! We don’t nest, because I hate having to unstack things to get to the size that I want, but they still fit in the designated storage/tupperware cabinet beautifully. I did have one of the smaller lids crack slightly, but the seal still seems to be fine. I’m sure if I contacted Pyrex they would take care of it.

These seem to sell out every time they’re up, so if you’re on the fence you should go ahead and get them. I’m considering buying another set!