Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids
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In for 2, seems like a good deal.

I got a set last time I saw them on Woot. As I recall, there was a flaming debate in the comments about the Pyrex of old vs the modern Pyrex and how the old Pyrex walked uphill to school both ways in the snow while still holding down 2 jobs to bring its mother to this country.

I’ll just say this; for food storage and everyday use, this tuff is great. Much better than plastic containers and the lids fit fine. The bowls are oven safe. The only knock on them is that they do not nest very well.

I’m in for one more set and I’ll be recycling some my my crappy plastic storage containers.

These are great! Got these for Christmas last year. Perfect for taking lunch and no worries of BPA when you reheat. Sizes are nice for leftovers and sauces. Also like that I can just take off the top, reheat and put on the table.

These are great because they take up less space in the fridge than the more bowl-shaped ones.

What makes them not nest well?

For these pyrex bowls - the same size containers will not nest at all.

If you just want smaller nesting in larger, that will work, but makes it a lot of extra work to get to the bowl you want.

Generally I only nest same size containers - so that I don’t have to deal with unstacking a whole group to get to the large size I need.