Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids
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I think everyone knows my love for Pyrex, I use them on a daily basis.

Check out how they nest!

Comments from a previous discussion back in April

I bought these last time around, and use them frequently. They’re great for storing and re-heating leftovers.

Bought 3 sets of these off Woot in the past. Way better than plastic ones. Save for dropping them, these things last for friggin’ ever. Being able to not worry when microwaving is great.

Only con is that it comes with 2 of everything EXCEPT the second to smaller one which I think is the least useful size. Oh well! Still awesome.

Do containers that are the same size fit within each other? Or are they nestable where the smaller sizes fit within the larger?

Bought this again recently, probably the last time they were offered. Noticed the shape and color of the glasses was slightly off from the previous set I ordered. Concerns me considering the troubles people have had with exploding Pyrex. None have exploded on me yet.
Also, the lids on these tear really easily compared to the old blue ones. I’ve never torn an old one but already lost two new lids! Seems like they aren’t as flexible or stretchy.

I bought 1 set last time they were on sale, and ever since then I’ve regretted not buying more. I’ve been (not so patiently) waiting for them to appear again, and HUZZAH today is the day! In for 3!

i previously bought a couple/few sets.
I hand wash the lids and that keeps them in good shape.
The only problem I have is friends walking off with them. I make something to share or someone needs to put their leftovers in something and poof ! Never to be seen again.
Need to put some sort GPS device on them so I can get them back.
Or I could just buy more…

My first woot purchase - woot! Hopefully they don’t explode :slight_smile:

Is one set crystal clear and the other sort of a slightly blueish tint?

If so, you got mightily lucky on the clear one. All glass manufactured in the US under the brand Pyrex (as far as I know anyway) has been made of the blueish soda lime glass for decades. If you got a totally clear set too then perhaps you somehow got one sourced from a different manufacturer (under the same brand name) in Europe, where some companies still use the old borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass is in most respects way better than soda lime glass, especially when it comes to dealing with temperature change. Unfortunately these days it’s hard to find inexpensively in US-made cookware. If you got something Pyrex branded that’s actually made with that, take care of it- it’s great stuff!

The perfect housewarming gift. Now all I gotta do is wait until someone buys a house. I’ll have this in my present/gift chest on standby… that’s called thinking ahead.

Love these Pyrex sets. This is my 4th time buying these. This time will be for gifts… maybe :slight_smile:

Not a deal!

Cheaper here:

Not the same set. Ours has more larger pieces from what I can tell. The description for that set doesn’t match the picture. It talks about rectangle pieces.

Let’s have some fun today. How about Pyrex Haiku?

Pyrex, I love you
Your colorful lids please me
Keep my foods fresh too

From Snopes

TRUE: Pyrex, like all brands of glass bakeware, is subject to breakage due to thermal shock.

TRUE: Pyrex glass bakeware was originally made from borosilicate glass and is now made from tempered soda lime glass.

UNDETERMINED: Pyrex switched from using borosilicate glass to tempered soda lime glass only after Corning sold the brand to World Kitchen in 1998.

FALSE: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that Pyrex glass bakeware products are unsafe.

FALSE: World Kitchen, the current owner of the Pyrex brand, is based outside the U.S.

FALSE: All Pyrex glass bakeware products are manufactured in China.

Bought these last time they were here, and love them. Only caveat is that the tops really are for storage only – don’t try microwaving with them on for any significant length of time, or you’ll end up with warped tops.

This set at Walmart is not oven safe. Just storage and microwave reheat. You have to look out for that nowadays. Not all pyrex can go in the oven. The woot set, however, can go in the oven.