Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

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Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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This was the very first Pyrex set I purchased and it beyond met my expectations. I use them for everything from leftovers to lunch. I have never put them in the dishwasher but they are suppose to be just fine in there. I now have three other sets and always in the market for more.

4.3 Stars over at Target

Why does it specify “preheated oven safe”?

Probably because if you take it right out if the fridge and plonk it into a 500 degree oven it will blow up?

That is confusing, isn’t it. It must relate to temperature difference somehow. In 1998, Corning sold the Pyrex brand. The current Pyrex is a different kind of glass that is not as temperature change resistant as the vintage stuff. I think I found the following quote by following links from Their investigation confirmed the borosilicate glass would withstand a much larger rapid temperature change. According to their calculation and those of others, soda lime glass cookware shatters more frequently because, in theory, it can only resist fracture stress for temperature differentials less than about 55°C (99°F). In contrast, they estimate that the borosilicate glassware could tolerate a temperature differential of about 183°C (330°F), a three­fold difference.

My brother had a Pyrex cooking dish violently shatter recently, which is why I looked into this. Consumer Reports has had some articles about the shattering.

Stock up for summer weddings!!

I have a different set but the box & included paper said same thing. Can go from the counter or fridge to an already hot oven and it doesn’t require it to heat up with the oven.
Like for baking you wouldn’t want to have to let it sit in the oven while it warmed up to keep it from cracking.
I’m not sure straight from the freezer would be a great idea…unless your over at someone’s else’s house and you wanted to see what would happen.

The real old stuff is the best thick walled & heavy bottomed - freezer to oven no problem, but they didn’t have microwaves back then and those can cause them to crack & sometimes shatter for some reason.

Anyone who’s used these, is it safe to transfer these straight from the fridge to the microwave or will they shatter?

I bought these from Bonton with a rebate a couple weeks ago.
They work great. I do wash them in the dishwasher no problem, the lids must go on the top rack per the warning on the lids. I havn’t put them from phrig to oven. I have put them from phrig to microwave, no issues.
I love them. Done with plastic…
this price seems a little high with shipping.

I’d be concerned about it, even if it’s probably much less likely to happen than in an oven or on a hot surface.

Poster above got it dead on with research- Pyrex is no longer made out of the amazing borosilicate glass that started the brand. It is now ordinary tempered soda-lime glass. Good quality, but not nearly as resistant to temperature changes.

Even just putting very hot soda lime glass on a cool metal surface, or putting very cold on a hot oven top can cause it to shatter explosively.

Pyrex is awesome. This set is awesome- I’ve purchased two of them from Woot in the past. But unfortunately the days of the Pyrex brand meaning you were getting glass that seemed magically impervious to temperature changes are long gone in the US.

Great deal, but 10% sales tax?
I know CA is high, but not as high as Woot if they think we don’t notice this.
Little skimming off the top?
Little extra sumpim sumpin?
Maybe woot should run for Congress.
Got my vote.
Screaming Monkeys would be an improvement.

Quite an accusation there.

Were you aware that we are required to charge sales tax on the shipping in most states where sales tax is collected? That might be the difference you’re seeing.

WHY OH WHY does this set come with a random 3rd orange-size bowl? I love my set and use it all the time but that 3rd orange-sized bowl doesn’t neatly stack with the rest of them, he is the unloved red-headed step child!

I have often taken leftovers from the freezer and put them in the oven in these bowls with no accidents.
Precaution: Do not add cold liquid to any hot glass cookware. If you need to add liquid, warm it up first.

The reason it says “already preheated oven” is because when the oven is preheating, the temperature can go beyond the final temperature setting.

yeah, but… isn’t a pre-heated oven one that is already 500°F? Aren’t they saying that’s the only way to do it?

Also, I don’t keep my dishes in a refrigerator. like most people, I keep them in a cupboard at room temp.

I have taken these bowls, filled with food, directly from the freezer and put them in the oven at 300-350. I have done this many times and have never had an accident.

In 40+ years of cooking, I have yet to cook anything at 500 degrees.

Are these lids liquid-tight? I have an older pyrex set with blue lids, and they leak in my purse when I take them for lunches. Looking for ones with a better seal.