Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

I have these and use them straight from the fridge to the microwave all the time. I have had them for several years and have never had a problem. Also, they are dishwasher safe, the lids should go on the top rack though. These are great to use and by getting this set, I can finally get rid of the last of the plastic storage containers I have.

I had no problem doing that.

Bought a smaller set of these last go-round. I like them but some warnings. They are smaller than claimed size. Lids warp in microwave. If you’re used to grabing plastic out of the microwave, glass gets real hot when heated …watch it!

These are great! Fridge to microwave no prob at all. To keep the lid from warping in micro, unseal it and turn it upside down or shift it to the side a bit so it doesn’t reseal (or take lid off completely and cover with a napkin or paper plate to prevent splatter). And yes, glass gets very hot so be careful taking it out. Much better for you than plastic ware that leaches chemicals into your food :slight_smile:

Happy to see these are Made in the USA!

What are the manufacturer’s labeled limits or instructions for temperature exposure and temperature changes?

This might be in the older deal threads, so I’ll check there. Or I could Google it. I’m just wondering if someone who has bought this before has that information on hand!

I’ve had no problem with leaking. I imagine that if you wash the lids on the bottom rack of the dishwasher they may warp and would be more prone to leaking, but I throw these in my work bag all the time and haven’t had an issue.

Are these stackable? Like other tupaware? If so, do they stack pretty small?

The go round about shattering Pyrex (or glass in general) gets tiresome. Put a frozen solid piece of glass on a very hot surface and the rapid expansion can crack or shatter it. Anybody recall the fad for “fried marbles?”

Some glass may hold up better, but if you suddenly heat frozen glass, you get what you deserve.

Similarly, some glass coffee carafes will say the can withstand boiling water when “progressively heated” which means DON’T pour boiling water into it.

Another example: I have a 1930’s vacuum coffee pot, all glass. Back in “the day” there was an electric base with the nichrome coils RECESSED to they did not touch the glass. Today, you need a wire spacer between the glass and the modern coils so they do not touch. One reason? The rate of heat where the coil touches will be different from right next to it in the space between the coils. Two different rates of expansion do not bode well!

I’d think a lot about that term “progressive heating.” There ain’t no free lunch and get the right tool for the job!

Had a baking dish blow up on me around 1996. The “warmed up” baking dish exploded as soon as I dropped a wedge of frozen lasagna on it. No shard was bigger than a cm (something like a broken car window). Ended up with stitches in my foot. Lucky none hit my face.

Basically the same physics I described above, only in reverse. Glad you weren’t more seriously hurt!

PS: I’ve broken more glass from leaving it out and having it bumped of the table, etc, than anything else. I try to blame the cats, of course.

For the most part yes; they don’t leak with liquid in them, but they have a sort of drum effect - if they’re upside down and you compress the lid it will increase internal pressure and force some of the fluid out. Same if they start cold and then warm up. If you burp them pretty well ahead of time they won’t leak (or at least leak much), especially if you’re careful to keep them upright.

Also these are mostly not purse sized, they can fit 2-3 huge chicken breasts in the big ones.

do these stack into each other?

Same size bowls do not nest. Smaller bowls will nest in larger bowls.

My OCD goes crazy when I put them all away.

My set arrived completely shattered. I cannot believe that Woot would ship a box of glass bowls in a paper thin box with 4 air pillows and expect it to ship to someones home without being damaged. Now I am trying to figure out how to return a damaged item. You have to write them a message and wait for them to reply to see if you can return the item. Looks like this will be the last time I order from WOOT.

Two boxes ordered this time around. Both boxes arrived and are absolutely filled with broken glass. Somebody, somewhere used mine as soccer balls!

It’s a shame too- this was the third time that we have ordered this item. We love them and have had no problems with them.

Woot shipped these with absolutely no padding above or below the product box and now I’ve got a boxful of broken glass to talk to service@woot about. Thanks so much

Sorry to hear that you received your order in the condition you described.

Please email into instead of
They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you have with your purchase.