Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids
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Reviews from Target

Comments/Discussion from a previous sale

I bought two of these the last time they were offered, before Christmas, and they have been incredibly handy. I was wary of the squarish bottom edges, as opposed to the more mixing bowl type shape, bit now that they’ve been here a few weeks, I find for storage and serving, I really like’em.

I ordered three of these for Christmas presents. 1 came shattered to fragments (except for the lids). 1 came with a large shard broken out of one of the large bowls. The last one was fine and I was actually able to give it as a gift. Woot said less than a week ago they had no replacements to send me and had me "either get a 10% refund or get an RMA (I RMA’ed). Basically I would not recommend, although the one unbroken set was nice.

edit. I was contacted by Woot this morning, probably due to my “rant” here, and they are giving me a full refund and siad I don;t need to return the broken units. They are already mailed, but I thought that was a good gesture on their part.

What do you mean by a 10% refund??
Woot was only going to refund 10% of what you paid??

No, not at all. They meant it would be a 10% refund if you wanted to keep it or return it for a full refund. I guess they didn’t understand the extent of the damage (shattered)

Bought these a year or so ago and since then I would guess that at least 1/3 have chipped around the edges. And this is with pretty light regular usage.

I bought these a few sales ago. Love them. Nice big bowls for huge meals, tiny ones for little things.

Does anyone who has this set know if the containers of the same size will nest inside one another? I’d get a set or two but we do not have a lot of cabinet space to spare and if they stacked together we could make it work.

Yes they nest. Actually the whole set nests.

I do stack all 3 of my sets. Usually in 2-3 separate stacks. Sometimes they kind of stick together. When you stack bowls of the same size, they only overlap by about an inch vertically, if that makes sense.

That said, I have yet to break/chip any of them, and I’ve had them for over 6 months and through a rushed cross-country move.

picture of a stack:

These bad boys are excellent, particularly because they nest so well. One warning: don’t put the lids on the bottom rack of your dishwasher or you may end up with some deforming due to the heat.

Another anecdote… I’ve ordered 3 sets in the past. The first one (October 2013) arrived mostly shattered. Woot’s support issued an immediate refund because they didn’t have any replacements to ship out. My second order (May 2014) arrived with both sets intact and no issues whatsoever.

I have been happily using my Pyrex for about the last year and haven’t had any problems. I’ve bounced a few of the containers off of each other while washing them (no dishwasher, or I’d just do that) and a few have been set down on the counter rather aggressively, but nothing has broken or become chipped!

My boyfriend bought a set (right before this Christmas, and it arrived intact) and immediately warped one of his lids in the microwave - so don’t do that! Lucky for him, I still had the lids from my first busted set so we just threw out the warped lid and replaced it with one of my extras.

I had a similar experience. I ordered two sets, and one arrived unusable. However, I bought the two sets because I already had one set and love it dearly. Now I have two and a half sets and regret nothing. Even after receiving a damaged unit I’d recommend these for food storage. They seal nice and tight, are BPA free, can go in the oven or the microwave, and are dishwasher safe (be gentle with the lids, though). Good product.

This set is for sale at Sam’s Club nationwide any day of the week for 19.99 when NOT on sale. I have two sets purchased at two seperate times. How is this a woot! deal?

After receiving my set of Pirex from Woot, I discovered the set was missing lids. I cannot locate a Woot customer service number or email. This will definitely cause me to pause before ordering another Woot item. Other than missing lids, the product was fine.

Sorry to hear that you were missing a portion of your order.

Please either email into or use the Support Page located at the top of each site.

You can place a ticket and Woot CS should be able to help answer any questions or concerns you have with your order.

Just got my order today was in the exact same condition very disappointed. Just emailed woot hopefully they can help me out.